Samsung recently announced the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro that features intelligent active noise-canceling and adjustable Ambient sound mode. The headset senses when you speak, and automatically switches to ambient mode while reducing media volume. These are the first Samsung Galaxy Buds to feature an IPX7 rating, so you can keep playing, rain or shine. With the newest technology and smart look, these are the perfect earbuds for any age. On the Best Buy Blog, we recently reviewed these in-ear noise-canceling truly wireless headphones by Samsung and now we are giving away a new set of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro to one lucky winner. Read the review article to learn more about the features of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro and then enter for a chance to win one in this contest.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are high-end, full-featured wireless earbuds

The Galaxy Buds Pro headphones are Samsung’s most durable active noise-canceling (ANC) earbuds yet. These earbuds are equipped with a three-mic system with wind noise-reduction, so you should be able to take phone calls outside. These headphones can last up to five hours of playtime with noise-canceling enabled, and the case provides an extra 13 hours of reserve battery. If you disable ANC, the buds may last for up to eight hours, and the case then provides an extra 20 hours of playtime. When the headphones battery is drained, all you need to do is insert them into the case for three minutes to enjoy 30 minutes of playback.

The other important feature of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is that they automatically toggle between your Samsung Galaxy device and Windows PCs. Let’s say you’re playing music on your phone, but then begin to play a video from your tablet. It will automatically detect the new device’s audio output and play accordingly. Samsung has integrated 360 Audio with Dolby Head Tracking technology, which you can enable via the Galaxy Wearable app and enjoy an immersive sound experience. The Galaxy Buds Pro earphones retain Game Mode from previous Galaxy Buds generations, which enables low-latency audio for gaming and video playback.

Enjoy the immersive sound experience with Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

For many people who own a Samsung phone and tablet, these earbuds are the missing puzzle piece that ties everything in Samsung’s world together. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are available in phantom black, phantom silver, and phantom violet at Best Buy.

We sent out a new Samsung Galaxy Buds pro to Ted Kritsonis to get an honest review. His review article discusses so many great features of these headphones. So, go read the review, then enter this contest for a chance to win a new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro headphone set that we are giving away.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy, and you can enter once in the comments below this article and once beneath Ted’s review article. In a comment, tell us which feature of the Galaxy Buds Pro do you like the most and why.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select one winner to receive a set of new Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro from Best Buy.

This contest runs from February 3rd to February 17th.

Remember you can enter once on this article and once on the review article. However, each member of your family and all of your friends will want a chance to win new Samsung headphones so please share this contest with them.

Win the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Rules and Regulations

Good luck.

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  1. The feature of the Galaxy Buds Pro that I like the most is the great battery life because it’s a major bummer to have your buds die when you’re on the go.

  2. The feature of the Galaxy Buds Pro that I like the most is the 360 Audio. It really brings to life movies and shows coded in 5.1 and 7.1 surround!

  3. The feature of the Galaxy Buds Pro that I like the most is the 360 Audio. It really brings to life movies and shows coded in 5.1 and 7.1 surround!

  4. When it comes to earphones. I’m a big music junkie and I love a surround noise cancelling sound while listening to music because that’s my time to turn the world off and let the music take over. When it comes to Samsung electronics I’m a huge fan because they focus on being the best in the business while still being really easy to use. What stands out to me about this earphones is the battery life.

  5. My husband and I are both freshly retired health care workers, forty years each serving our Communities. We love music and have different genres we lobe. He lost his hearing in his left ear not long ago and has a hearing aid but prefers to wear ear buds. He loves these Samsung buds as they filter out the low hum noise he gets from his hearing loss so hey, let’s get this party going and thank-you. Phantoms rule and hi from Vancouver Island..

  6. the most impressive part is the duration time of battery this is an absolute plus in having these — would love to win these

  7. Definitely the noise canceling feature as that would be perfect for plane trips 🙂 Once we can travel again of course!

  8. The battery life!!!! My last pair (not Samsung) would only last 4-5 hours and I finally gave up on them. These would be amazing!

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