Happy Plugs headphones combine great audio technology and fashionable colours. They are innovative, stylish, and great for indoors or outdoor use. If wireless headphones like these make you happy too, here’s your chance to win one of the four sets of Happy Plugs headphones that we are giving away in this contest. Read on to learn more about the Happy Plugs Air 1 Plus and Air1 ANC, then enter the contest for a chance to win.

Happy Plugs headphones are comfortable to wear and sound good

The Happy Plugs Air1 ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) includes technologies to make sure you hear the audio your want—keeping out external noise you don’t want. The touch controls on the top of the stems enable you to control the track, volume, and listening mode of the earphones. Place these earphones in their case to recharge; the case can be charged either by using the supplied USB-C charging cable or by placing it on a standard wireless charging mat.

The Happy Plugs Air 1 Plus in-ear headphones have a new generation microphone technology and the latest Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity that provides a seamless and powerful fashion tech headphone experience. With over 40 hours of battery life, listen non-stop all day long. The headphones also rests securely in your ear so you can easily listen to music, answer phone calls, and talk to your virtual assistants. Designed and shaped to fit your ears comfortably, the Air1 Plus in-ear headphones deliver pure and clear wireless sound on any device for the best music experience.

Happy Plugs headphones might be your new favourite companion

Designed for music lovers, travellers, and digital nomads, Happy Plugs in-ear truly wireless headphones can be used in the gym, while walking, or at your desk to enjoy an amazing audio experience. If you’re looking for new in-ear headphones that will let you listen to music in high quality without annoying background noise—these are for you! Now that you know everything about the Happy Plugs headphones, it’s time to enter for your chance to win!

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy but you can enter only once below this article and once via email:

  1. In a comment below, tell us what activity you will enjoy doing more if you win these headphones.

happy plugs talk time2. Send an email to (email address removed: this contest is now closed) with the answer to this question: on the product page for the Happy Plugs Air 1 ANC in the details and specs section as shown here, how many hours of Wireless talk time is shown? (NOTE: do not enter this answer in the comment section below, just in the email.)

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select four (4) winners to receive one of either the Happy Plugs Air 1 ANC or the Happy Plugs Air 1 Plus headphones in one of the many colours (colour will also be randomly assigned to each winner).

This contest runs from March 26th until April 9th.

Remember you can enter once beneath this article and once via email. I would encourage you to share this contest with your friends and family members. I’m sure they would love to have a pair of Happy Plugs headphones too.

Win the Happy Plugs Headphones Rules and Regulations

Good Luck!


  1. When I am outside tidying up the yard, doing gardening I would love to wear these and listen to the music I love!!!!

  2. Driving around knowing I’m connected to anyone I need to speak to while running errands. The short charge time is a big bonus!

  3. The last year has taken a toll on mental health around the world and for me, listening to music has been super therapeutic.

  4. The Happy Plugs would be great company on my daily walk to work especially on those grey, wet days.

  5. If I win these, I will enjoy filing at work a lot more. Easier to do this monotonous work when I’m bopping to the beats.

  6. I’d use these while I work from home – when the kids are home from school it can be difficult to concentrate on work!

  7. Honestly, I’m helping my three kids do online learning, these would be helpful ‘cause I could wear one while my youngest daughter wears one to hear without disrupting the other two.. Currently we have to play it out loud so I can hear too to help
    Haha such a good reason

  8. If I win Happy Plugs headphones, I may actually enjoy going for a run in the evening, a truly wireless headphone experience sounds great.

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