The holiday season is coming up fast, and you’ve still got no idea what to get for that home theatre aficionado on your shopping list, am I right? You’ve still got time, though, so don’t worry; I’ve got you totally covered with my picks for gifts to make any home theatre better.

Why Add on to Your Home Theatre System?

Somebody has invested some hard-earned cash on a wicked entertainment sound system for their home, so they should be taking advantage of all that sweet audio goodness to its fullest extent…and you’re going to help them with your timely and perfect holiday gift. That means you have to show them that there’s more to it than just hooking up a television’s cable to that surround sound or Atmos home theatre system. Now that their whole living space is wired for sound, it’s time to gift some cool add-ons to make your friend’s home theatre system truly come alive.

Add Apple TV to Your Friend’s Home Theatre

I never thought I would give up cable TV until my daughter bought us an Apple TV for Christmas a couple of years ago. But, within a few weeks, I was awed by what I had been missing, and how the “watch-what-we-show-you” age of television was so limiting.

Apple TV is basically a small, deck-of-cards-sized black box that you hook up to your television and Internet. It kind of turns your TV into a Macbook entertainment system, allowing you to easily access streaming services such as Netflix, and video sites like YouTube, as well as special shows and movies only found on Apple TV. Plus you can download a limitless plethora of games, educational apps, and other programs for your enjoyment on a big screen. You can also use the Apple TV to “mirror” content from your smartphone or tablet to your living room’s big screen, which is awesome for sharing photos, or videos on the fly. Nowadays, my family uses the Apple TV more than our old cable box, and if the person on your list doesn’t own one for their home theatre system, then this is the must-have that’ll give you eternal Brownie points.

Light Up Home Theatre with Philips Hue

Sure, your friend’s home theatre system sounds awesome, but why not add a little lighting pizzazz to the setup? Something like the Philips Hue wireless light bulbs can add a whole new colourful dimension to a home theatre experience.

The Smart Bulb system can be paired with a home theatre system, allowing users to change the colour, contrast and tone of the lights, which can also be set to pulse and flash in tune with music or the action on the TV screen.

Console Gaming is a Must for Any Home Theatre Setup

A big screen television and a wicked surround sound home theatre system just screams for a console gaming system. Today’s most popular consoles are the Xbox and Playstation, but I’m partial to the latter, as the new Playstation 4 Pro rivals some gaming computers in terms of graphics power, plus the PS4 lets you really get inside the gaming action through Playstation VR, a bundle that includes a virtual reality headset, controllers and sensor camera. But even without the VR experience, a Playstation (or Xbox) is essential to any home entertainment system, especially if it is packing some serious audio.

Add Harmony for Home Theatre Control

The one thing that frustrates me about having a great home theatre system is the number of remotes that come along with all the different components. There’s one for the TV, one for the BluRay player, one for the cable box, and yet another for my Apple TV. When I have guests over, I practically have to do a seminar on how to use all the remotes just so they can watch the news before turning in for the night. But, with something like the Logitech Harmony Home Hub you can integrate control of all your Apple TVs, Playstation, smart lights, and other home entertainment and automation devices, and use your smart phone or tablet as a universal remote for them all! No more need for those half dozen remotes taking up space on your living room table.

So, is there anything else you think would make a great gift for a home theatre fan? Let me know what you would suggest in the comment section below, or go to the Best Buy home theatre section of the web site to peruse what else may be a fun or useful gift to make a home theatre better.

Steven Hill
I am an award-winning writer, freelance journalist and blogger who is a self-confessed geek and tech lover. When not playing the latest video games or salivating over the newest gadgets, I enjoy cooking for my family, mountain biking or snowboarding the deep powder on Whistler Mountain.