benq home theatre projector 4kHome theatre projectors are one of my favourite technologies. I love going to the movies. Projectors bring that experience into your home to enjoy whenever you want. You can choose to mount it to create a designated theatre room, or you can keep it mobile so one day it’s in the living room for a movie, the next day in the basement for gaming, or in the kids room for a sleep over. Find out for yourself; enter this contest and you might win the amazing BenQ Cinehome 4K UHD HDR home theatre projector.

How amazing is the BenQ 4K projector

This is probably something that many people are wondering. We asked Erin Lawrence, Editor of Home Theatre on the blog and also a veteran of television news with CTV in Calgary, to try this projector and give us her honest opinion.

(NOTE: whenever we send out products for review we expect the writers to give their honest opinion so our customers know what to expect when they get the product to their home.)

In her written review and video review, Erin highly endorsed this projector. Here are some of the highlights of her review:

  1. The picture was amazing, despite her not having a white wall or a projection screen as a backdrop. (She actually projected it onto a blue wall and still she thought the image was great!)
  2. The image was bright, clear and showed accurate, crisp colours, even when the room was brightly lit.
  3. The fan (something that used to drive me crazy on an older projector I once had in my home) was barely noticeable and did not take away from the enjoyment of using this projector.

She also pointed out some of the things that people will consider adding to their home to make the experience even better.

How would you improve your own home theatre experience

Okay so let’s just suppose that you were the winner of this contest. Picture that! Where will you place it in your home? Would you mount it on the ceiling, or keep it mobile so you can move it from room to room?

Importantly, what technology would you need to make the home theatre experience truly complete? I’m not talking about a popcorn maker: that’s a given! Would you be looking to add a projection screen, or would you just choose a white wall (or paint a wall white for this best results). Would you look at getting a surround sound or ATMOS system ?Erin said that the sound from the projector is okay, but your home theatre would be much better with great home theatre audio. Would you add a 4K blu-ray player and start collecting a library of 4K movies to show on this 4K projector?

There are so many possibilities, and I didn’t even talk about home theatre seating. What would you consider adding to your home if you win this amazing projector?


Entering this contest is really easy but you can only enter once. First imagine that you did win this contest (Visualization is the first step toward making something a reality!). Next think about the things you will need to create a perfect 4K home theatre experience in your home. I listed some possibilities above. In a comment below, tell us what you would love to add to your home if you won this projector.


At the end of this contest we will draw one entry from all of the eligible entries submitted. That person will win the BenQ Cinehome 4K UHD HDR home theatre projector that Erin Lawrence reviewed.

This contest will run from February 12th until February 26th.

Remember you can only enter once, but we have many contests running at Best Buy this month so keep returning to the blog and enter them all to increase your chances of winning something from Best Buy this year. Also, tell your family that you want to watch movies on this projector so they should enter too!

Good luck.

Win a BenQ 4K Projector Contest Rules and Regulations

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  1. To create a perfect 4K home theatre experience in your home I would designate a special snack area, with all the treats you’d find in a regular movie theatre

  2. I would love to add a gaming PC with a high end graphics card to power all those pixels and create an immersive streaming wall.

  3. I’d want to add a beefy subwoofer, or two, to have big sound to match the big picture and maybe some extra speakers to see if the hype is warranted for Atmos/DTS:X. My chairs are worn out, but movies first, comfort second. 🙂

  4. I would have the great room wall repainted from it’s current dark chocolate to white for the best viewing, get surround sound and a popcorn maker like they have in the theatres.

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