Roku streaming devices have always offered a unique streaming experience. I love that I can always find shows and movies that interest me. They have a variety of channels, including their own Roku channel, with a selection unlike that found on other streaming platforms. Last month, Roku introduced their newest product that blends all of the benefits of 4K Roku streaming with fantastic audio from a sleek, modern soundbar. Read how you can have a chance to win one by entering this contest.

Roku is everything you want to watch and hear in one place

In the last decade we have become a streaming society. Roku has been a huge part of the transition by enabling us to connect a small device to any television to instantly make it capable of showing anything we want to see. Their selection of channels was unmatched by any other streaming service. They added to this experience a few years ago when they improved the onscreen interface and added their own Roku channel. Suddenly you could find old favourites and new favourites quickly in one location.

It makes sense then that the newest iteration of Roku would introduce the ability for us to stream amazing audio too. In fact, when I hooked it up to try it out in my home, the first thing I streamed was Spotify, thinking, “Let’s hear how Eddie sounds on this speaker!” I have to say, Van Halen sounded pretty amazing!

Learn what a Roku Streambar can do for your home theatre

You probably understand the basic reasons for adding a sound bar to your home theatre and have thought about getting one in the past. The Roku Streambar may be just what you are looking for many reasons including: easy to set up; versatile for streaming music or video; and improving the audio no matter what television it is connected to. To learn more, You should read Erin’s honest review of this device on our blog.

Roku creates great products that people have trusted for years. They are also very reasonably priced so anyone can afford a premium audio and video experience in their homes. Of course, winning one would be even better; here’s how to enter this contest.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter twice, once here below this article and once below the review article that Erin wrote. In a comment, tell us what is your favourite feature of the Roku Streambar.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will select two (2) winners and each will receive a new Roku Streambar.

This contest runs from Nov 13th to Nov 27th.

Remember you can only enter once below this article and once below the review article for this device. However, you likely know many people who want a better home audio and home theatre experience so share this contest with them so they too have a chance to win.

Win a new Roku Streambar Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.


  1. The Roku is a very versatile additional to any TV set up. My favourite feature would have to be the ability to improve sound quality on any TV. Makes a huge difference to what you’re watching.

  2. There are so many features I love about this product, but my favourite is the night listening one. I watch a lot of TV at night, and have my hand ready on the volume control to press mute so I don’t disturb the household. Love this product.

  3. I absolutely love ROKU and am in desperate need of a second ROKU device to free my enslaved Xbox from a TV that isn’t considered “smart”
    Everyday I use my ROKU and am still amazed with the quality of the interface, how intuitive and user friendly it is, and how simple it makes streaming. From Netflix to Youtube to Amazon Prime all with one button, it’s the top of the top for todays entertainment.

    PS. Please send me ROKU, My Xbox One needs to be free and able to travel 🙁

  4. My favourite feature of the streambar is its versatility; combining awesome audio quality with the ability to stream various content.


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