We’ve given away lots of speakers this summer but this set from Definitive Technology stands head-and-shoulders above them all. Literally! The BP-9060 300 watt tower speakers are big, bold, and powerful. Put one at each side of your TV for the best audio experience you have likely ever had in your home. These are available at Best Buy and if you enter this contest, you’ll have a chance to win a pair!

When you are ready to take your home theatre to the next level

The first speakers I bought for myself when I moved into my own apartment was a set of expensive tower speakers. I paid a lot but knew I would have them for ever … and I still have them and they still deliver amazing sound. For the best audio, you need the best speakers and a top quality set of towers are right up there as a must-have in any home.

Of course these require a great receiver and are even better as part of a surround sound system. However, most of us acquire these things in stages. If you are ready to advance to the stage of having great tower speakers then consider the amazing selection by Definitive Technology.

Definitive Technology is music to your ears

We review lots of speaker brands and styles on the Best Buy Blog and most of those reviews are very positive: afterall, Best Buy carries a huge selection of great audio technology. We sent the prizes we are giving away in this contest to Matt for an honest review. His review was likely the first time I read a writer state, “They’re far and away the best tower speakers I’ve had in my home.” Note that Matt is not alone: the customer reviews on the Best Buy website are very positive too with an average rating of 4.9! Matt does a great job explaining how to set them up … advice you’ll need to follow if you win these speakers. But first, you have to enter ….

How to enter

Entering is easy but you can only enter once. In a comment below tell us which speakers from Definitive Technology are you most interested in for your home.

What you can win

At the end of this contest we will draw one winner to receive two Definitive Technology BP-9060 300 watt tower speakers that were reviewed by Matt for the Best Buy Blog earlier this year.

This contest runs from September 18th until October 1st.

Remember you can only enter once. However, talk to your friends and ask them if they want incredible sound in their homes, them let know they could enter for a chance to win. Bring a smile to their ears!

Win Definitive Technology BP9060 speakers Rules and Regulations

Good luck! 


  1. I’m intrested in The Definitive Technolgy BP-9060 300 watt 3 way. We are currently setting a game’s room for my son, and this would definitely be a great surprise for him and I

  2. we would love to have a new pair of speakers for our stereo since my youngest brother blew our old pair so the BP-9060 300 watt Tower speakers would be a very quality replacement thanks

  3. I would love the super cube 8000 to go with the Definitive Technology BP-9060s. Then I just need to upgrade my receiver to a 9.2 and I’m ready to go!!!!!!

  4. I would like to have the Mythos Sound Bar because it would be a great match for these amazing tower speaker I’m hoping to win

  5. Atmos is a revolutionary audio technology and I would want nothing less than experiencing it on the stellar Definitive Technology BP-9080X 300W Bipolar Dolby Atmos Ready Tower Speakers!

  6. I would love a pair of those SR-9040 150W 2-Way Bipolar Surround Speakers so I can hear my enemies approaching from behind on the next-gen consoles!

  7. I’d be most interested in Definitive Technology A60 Dolby Atmos Elevation Module Speakers. They would complete my 7.2 Dolby Atmos setup in my living room.

  8. BP-9060 300 watt tower speakers will be a perfect start to the replacement process in my home theater. they will sound great in the small space.

  9. I’m most interested in the MYTHOS XTR SSA5 sound bar, we just mounted our tv in the living room and removed the TV stand to create a cleaner look, better sound would be nice.

  10. The Definitive Technology BP-9080X 300W Bipolar Dolby Atmos Ready Tower Speaker – Black.

    It’ll go well with the new PS5!

  11. DP 9060 300 Watt! Need them for their power and performance to go along with my PS5 for its power and performance! November 12 will be a fun and “loud” day!

  12. Just re-did the basement so I’d gladly take anything. The Definitive Technology BP-9060 300-Watt 3-Way Tower Speakers would be an awesome upgrade.

  13. The idea of achieving big sound appeals a lot, I like the BP-9080X bipolar tower speaker from Definitive Technology.

  14. Definitive Technology BP-9060 300-Watt 3-Way Tower Speaker for sure love the power it has, great addition to movie night and the big game. with 300 watt power social distancing would be super easy. thumbs up i want this

  15. I’m setting up a gaming/home theatre space in my basement so I’m interested in the bp-9080x for Dolby Atmos .

  16. I’m setting up a gaming/home theatre space in my basement so I’m interested in the bp-9080x for Dolby Atmos .

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