A great home theatre receiver will make all of your home theatre viewing better. A receiver is a critical component needed for a premium audio experience in the home. Many of us will be watching the big game mid-February (you know what I mean!). Many of us will also be watching the best movies of the previous year in anticipation of the big awards ceremony in March (again, you know what I mean). Wouldn’t it be amazing to have this fantastic Denon receiver delivering the best sound no matter what you are watching. Learn how you can enter for a chance to win.

Why does the sound matter when watching sports

My wife doesn’t follow football, or hockey, or tennis. I blame her parents. I grew up watching all three and still enjoy them all. The bigger the match or closer the game to a championship match, the better. And the game is usually more exciting if every bone crunching hit is audible—loud even.

When the crowd roars, I want to feel the vibration! When the ball hits the crossbar, I want to hear a distinct “ting” resonate as the kicker’s facial expression melts. When my favourite running back breaks a tackle and sprints toward the end-zone, I want to experience each step as if I’m running alongside encouraging him. The game is not the same without great sound.

The television networks put millions of dollars into capturing the audio experience as much as the visual experience. You must put some care and consideration into how you will hear it or you are missing out.

Have you given up on watching movies for their amazing sound

But we are getting used to missing out, aren’t we? I watch many shows on a phone wearing earbuds. It’s not right and I know it. A film like “Knives Out” was not designed to be watched like a mindless TikTok video. Just like you can’t get as immersed in a story on a small screen, you also can’t with earbud audio. You don’t feel the emotional tension of the characters, or the suspense, or especially the magic of the big moment without big audio. No one would visit a movie theatre, despite the big screen experience, if the sound wasn’t also all it can be.

The Denon receiver we are giving away in this contest helps you return to the good ole days of experiencing big sports games, and brilliantly intense movies, with awesome sound. Add some great speakers and suddenly your home is where everyone wants to be for that big sports party or movie night. We sent the prize that we are giving away in this contest to Jason for an honest review. Read his thorough review to learn more about the versatility and capabilities of this device.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in two different ways.

  1. In a comment below, tell us one or more movies or sporting event that you would recommend to a friend that would be much better if they had a big home audio system and explain why.
  2. In a comment beneath Jason’s review, complete this sentence, “If I had this receiver, the first movie I would watch would be …” and/or “the first sporting event I would use this for would be ….”

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly draw one winner to receive the Denon AVR-S760H receiver that Jason reviewed for the blog.

This contest runs from Jan 30th to Feb 12th.

Remember you can enter in two different ways. Half the fun of our contests is from entering. The other half is in asking your friends and family what they wrote on the blog. Don’t forget to share this contest to all the people you know who would love better home theatre sound in their home.

Win a Denon home theatre receiver Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.

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  1. I think Avatar would be great to watch on a big home audio system because the sound effects would be really evident

  2. I would recommend Avatar 2 to a friend because the audio in the movie theater was unreal. I would love to have a Denon Home Receiver to upgrade my setup at home.

  3. To my husband: We both agree that the Super bowl would be even more awesome if we watched it with this receiver!

  4. Dune 2021 gas awesome sound design so having a good sound system would make it very much more enjoyable and immersive.

  5. Rurouni Kenshin live action series would be what i would recommend why because of the fight scene and soundtrack.

  6. I would recommend the movie “1917” to friends as a movie that would be better enjoyed with a big home audio system. The intensity of the sounds in the movie would be much better felt with it.

  7. With a high performance receiver you would have to try watching the original Top Gun movie, as well as the Top Gun: Maverick sequel!

  8. Princess Mononoke because the music in that movie is amazing and it would sound even better with a big home audio system.

  9. Avatar : The ways of the water is the first film that comes to mind when thinking about this awesome giveaway. Really, a top-notch home theater system combined with the sound of creatures shrieking would enhance the experience by a ton.

  10. I’d recommend a hockey game and the movie Sound of Music because the home audio system would make the game and the movie sound so much better!

  11. If I had this receiver, the first sporting event I would use this for would be … the NBA Finals 2022/23.

  12. I would recommend Wall-E to watch. The movie has great sound design and rely on characters making sounds to communicate. A big home audio system would greatly enhance the movie experience.

  13. Oh, what an awesome giveaway! The first movie that comes to mind is Top Gun: Maverick (or even the original Top Gun). Seriouly, having a great home theatre system with those jets whipping by would really make you feel like you are “there”…..and have you feeling the “thunder” of the engines at every turn! Love that! Would I risk the neighbors calling me to turn it down? Heck yes! 🙂 🙂 Totally worth it!

  14. I would watch Crossroads Guitar Festival 2019 and the World Junior Championship 2023-24. Thanks for the chance.

  15. I would recommend a few good movies. Both of the two Top Gun movies would be great. But to truly appreciate The Wall, one needs to feel the music though the body

  16. I would recommend watching 2001 a Space Odyssey with the Denon home receiver, since the classical music is perfect.

  17. Half time show at the Super Bowl is the sporting event that I would recommend to a friend. It would be much better with a big home audio system!
    Forget going to watch the game at a bar or casino. So much better at home!
    We have these speakers in our ceiling and only a late 1980’s Denon Receiver. We had an electrician wire it up. It can only power 4 speakers and only for my late 1980’s Denon 5 disc CD player / radio/ tape deck. LOL I would LOVE an upgrade and to hear what these ceiling speakers can actually sound like!

  18. I would recommend that a friend or anyone watching the Super Bowl would have a much better exeperience if they had a big home audio because the networks, advertisers and the NFL pull out all the stops for the production value of the game. Having a high performance receiver like the Denon AVR-S760H will realize the potential of the broadcast and enhance the viewer’s enjoyment.

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