One of the biggest announcements coming out of the CES in Las Vegas this week has been Apple’s revelation that they are partnering with big name TV brands Samsung, LG, Sony and Vizio to bring its Airplay 2 streaming technology to the latter’s televisions.

What is Airplay 2?

Okay. Why is it such a big deal that Apple’s Airplay 2 is now coming as a default feature on some of the biggest name TV brands? I am so glad you asked, otherwise this would be one super short announcement blog. If you already own an Apple TV, then you already know how Airplay works. Essentially, Airplay lets you share videos, photos, music and much more directly from your Apple devices to your Apple TV (and connected TV) or compatible Bluetooth speaker. All you do is tap the Airplay icon on your iPhone, Mac or tablet and you can share almost anything, including mirroring your device’s screen onto the Apple TV-connected television. That is really cool for sharing things like websites, presentations or spreadsheets with a group of people sitting in a room on a bigger screen. Airplay also lets you stream apps like YouTube, Netflix or HBO to a big screen, so it lets you say buh-bye to those big clunky cable boxes.

Why is this a big deal?

Now, with Airplay 2 technology being included with some of the major TV brands’ televisions, you will be able to do all that sweet, sweet wireless streaming of videos, pics, music, movies and more from your Apple devices—but without having to own an Apple TV!

What’s more, users who stream over AirPlay 2 will also be able to use their iPhones as a remote control for their TVs, including adjusting the volume. And, if you have AirPlay 2-compatible speakers you can sync stuff streaming to your TV with those speakers to allow you to use them even if they aren’t connected to your television.

When is this happening?

Samsung has said it will be including Airplay 2 on its 2019 Smart TVs and adding it to its 2018 TVs through an upcoming software update. Samsung has also partnered with Apple to create an iTunes Movies and TV shows app for Samsung TVs, allowing Samsung users to buy or rent videos from Apple right from their televisions, as well as watch videos they previously purchased. VIZIO will be bringing Airplay 2 out in Spring, and also integrating Apple’s HomeKit software to allow you to use Siri to control your TV, as well. LG is also adding AirPlay 2 and HomeKit support to its 2019 TVs. It looks like Sony was just added to the Airplay 2 web page of Apple’s site, so no word when their TVs will be sporting Airplay 2, however it will likely launch on their products at a similar time as others.

So, what do you think of the news? Are you excited for Airplay 2 to come to your favourite brand of TV? Let me know what you think in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check out the televisions and Apple products available online at Best Buy.

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  1. If I had a smart TV this is something that would interest me. I own several movies through iTunes, but since the death of my laptop I am unable to watch them on my TV. The cheaper solution for me at the moment is to get an Apple TV, since my home TV is still in good working order.

    Thanks for the article, I will definitely keep this feature in mind when I next need to upgrade my TV.

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