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If you’ve got kids to entertain this summer, one surefire way to achieve success is by having some of this summer’s top outdoor toys available for them to play with. Kids have a lot more free time on their hands in the summer than they do the rest of the year, and with the days also being a whole lot longer, kids are going to need some super fun things to do. If figuring out how to keep your kids active and entertained is an issue you face each year, join me today as I look at several great Toys to enjoy this summer. All of this stuff is perfect for the great outdoors, so read on to see if anything catches your eye.


Kool Karz

If your kids are in the 3-8 year age range, there are a variety of really fun Kool Karz (Power Wheels and Powered Ride-Ons) available.

Shown above is the Kool Karz BMW 4 Series Electric Ride On Toy Car, which is a very sleek and sporty model that’s specifically designed for kids in the 2-5 year age range that allows them to feel like a real grownup driving their very own car. Of course, there’s a remote control for parents to override kids’ control of the vehicle if they haven’t quite mastered it yet (the maximum speed is only 3mph anyway, so they won’t exactly be using their Kool Karz BMW for any high speed chases).


Of course, if your child is slightly older and bigger, then maybe they’d prefer something like the Kool Karz Mercedes-Benz G55 Ride-On Toy, which is designed for kids ranging in age from 3 to 8. This model has a maximum weight capacity of 30Kg (about 66 pounds) and tops out at a speed of 5Km/h. It also has a seat belt with a five point safety harness, a parental remote control, and even an MP3 connection so kids can enjoy music in their car. It just doesn’t get any more luxurious than that!


RC vehicles make top outdoor toys

My personal favourite category in the top outdoor toys for summer that’s on today’s list is RC (radio controlled) vehicles, and Best Buy certainly has some cool ones! Shown above is the LiteHawk Big Tom 4WD RC Rock Crawler—a 1:10 scale vehicle with oversized all-terrain tires and a high travel suspension that together allow it to tackle pretty much any terrain (the 4X4 aspect doesn’t hurt there either!). While not the fastest RC vehicle in the world, this one has enough torque to climb over various rocks, sticks, and other obstacles that dare to get in its way—within reason, of course.

Something that’s really cool in the RC vehicle world right now is the LiteHawk CRUSHER 2WD 1/12 Scale RC Monster Truck. Part of what makes this one so cool is that it comes in 2 distinct sizes, as there’s also the LiteHawk Mini CRUSHER RC Monster Truck.

outdoor toys for summer

Both are shown in the photo above, and both are feature-rich and powerful little RC vehicles that are bound to bring a smile to any child’s face. Ok, let’s be honest, they’ll bring a smile to pretty much any adult’s face too! Although the larger model is recommended for users ages 14 and up, also having the smaller (8 and up) model means that parents and children can play together as they each get their own appropriate truck to control.

Since there’s so much to say about each of these fine little RC vehicles, I’ll let you check out their individual product pages for full details and specs.



Another cool category of outdoor toys that kids and adults alike enjoy is that of Drones. Shown here is the UFO Flying Ball, which is fun for users of virtually any age. This drone has a built-in gyroscope, flashing LED lights, limited gesture control capabilities, and all you have to do to get it into the air is give it a light toss. I haven’t personally tried this particular drone out yet, but it does look really fun. And, due to the outer cage around the rotors, I’m also betting that it’s super safe in the event of a collision or crash. You can learn all about this cool little drone over on its Best Buy product page.


More top outdoor toys for summer

Finally, a category for the miscellaneous! Here we have such items as the Happy Hop 3-in-1 Inflatable Play Field (that you see above) and the Nerf Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint Blaster – 2 Pack (shown below).

The Happy Hop is an inflatable field that allows kids ages 3 and up to enjoy all manner of sports and games outside in the back yard in their very own sporting venue. There are nets included for them to play soccer, basketball, or volleyball, and they’ll have hours of fun getting fresh air and exercise as they run around in the confines of their own little world.

The very last item I’m looking at today is the Nerf Laser Ops Pro AlphaPoint Blaster set, which is a real life laser battle game for kids ages 8 and up. How cool is that?

This pair of play pistols allows kids to get out in the tall grass and run around hiding behind rocks and bushes as they practice their marksmanship in one-on-one competition. They’ll get exercise, have fun, and stretch their imaginations as they pretend to be Star Wars characters, space cowboys, or whatever else is popular amongst kids these days.


When it comes to having enormous fun with great outdoor toys for summer, there’s no better place than Best Buy to keep the good times rolling. Get everything you need today from the world of Toys, Drones, and Education, and help your kids make the most of their summer holidays. They just doesn’t last all that long.


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