sst-vs-tetonToday it’s a double whammy! I’ve got both the LaTrax SST 4WD 1/18 Scale RC Truck and the LaTrax Teton 4WD 1/18 Scale RC Monster Truck. Both vehicles are smaller than a number of other Traxxas RC vehicles, but they also both pack a mighty powerful punch! Keep reading below to learn all about what they can do!



There are many common features between these 2 RC trucks, so we’ll begin by covering those. First of all, both vehicles are 1/18 scale, so they’re in scale with each other and therefore perfect for head to head racing and comparison. Each vehicle also features the exact same transmitter—a 2.4GHz long range controller that comes with 4 x AA Duracell batteries to keep you from having to buy any. Another common feature is speed. Both the SST and the Teton are capable of reaching speeds of up to 32 Km/h (AKA 20 mph) and are extremely stable on their wheels, at least when driving on relatively flat surfaces. Powering the trucks themselves is a 7.2V 6-cell NiMH battery pack (included) that charges via a 2-amp DC charger (also included). The only drawback here is that the chargers plug exclusively into a car cigarette lighter type charging port, so not the most convenient system (see photo gallery). At least they’re fast chargers! Finally, both cars feature waterproof electronics, so you don’t have to worry about getting them wet. You can drive to your heart’s content whether it’s rain or shine outside, and LaTrax even backs it up with the LaTrax Lifetime Electronics Warranty, which shows a great deal of confidence in the products!



latrax-tiresTesting these cars was a super fun experience, in both cases! Each vehicle is a 4-wheel drive, and both models feature soft, rubber tires with excellent grippy treads. This means you can pull some amazing high speed turns and spins, really throwing up the dirt as you go. And it’s certainly no trouble getting these vehicles up to speed. I personally found driving them to be super fun, although I didn’t get the expected 15 minutes of running time for either vehicle. It was more like 10 or 12.

latrax-controllerAs I mentioned above, the controller for both vehicles is exactly the same. It’s a standard Traxxas type controller with the front facing steering wheel and the trigger throttle mechanism. Pull for forward driving and push for reverse. The 4 x AA batteries go in the bottom of the unit, and there’s a steering trim knob to dampen down the steering when you find it difficult to maintain control. Turn it hard to the right if you like doing donuts, or turn it more to the left for better steering control. Note: You should always turn the controller on first (before the vehicle) and turn it off last (when the ride is over).


latrax-chasisAnother characteristic that makes these trucks really great to drive is the fact that they both feature a true 4-wheel independent suspension system, complete with oil-filled shocks & sturdy coil springs. This ensures that both trucks handle extremely well in most types of terrain, and either is capable of sticking a landing when taking a small bump or going over a ramp. Of course, I did find a few minor differences between the 2 vehicles that are worth mentioning.


latrax-sst-side-viewFor instance, the SST, which seems a bit lower to the ground than the Teton, handled as well on the hilly (and grassy) part of the park as it did on the flat gravel field. I didn’t have any flips with the SST on either surface, so I was quite impressed with how well it constantly held its ground. I’m not saying that the SST wouldn’t roll over if I had pushed it just a little bit harder, but I never actually experienced any myself. Considering how many tight turns I pulled at full speed during testing, I’d have expected at least a few rollovers…


teton-side-viewThe Teton, alternatively, did flip a few times on the hilly grass. I think that having a slightly higher profile makes it just a bit more top heavy than the SST, and turning at full speed on hills was a bit tricky for it. This is not to suggest that the Teton performed poorly though. It actually did every bit as well on the flat gravel surfaces as the SST, and in some ways I like it the most. It’s got those large monster truck tires that really kick up a lot of dirt when pulling donuts or spinning out, and it’s really fun to drive like that! Overall, each of these trucks has its own unique personality, and both are a lot of fun to drive!



Please take a few minutes to watch my brief video overview of both of these LaTrax vehicles. You’ll see both of them in action and get a good sense of their speed. It’s really pretty impressive for vehicles of their size:


Naturally I really enjoyed both of these RC trucks & would highly recommend them to anyone with a love for radio controlled vehicles. They’re certainly fast for their size, and they respond very well to any control inputs you give, whether that be for steering, speed, or going into reverse. It is also worth noting that the LaTrax SST is a special edition based on the real-life off-road racing truck driven by champion driver Sheldon Creed. If you are a fan of Sheldon Creed, this may mean a bit more incentive for you to choose the SST over the Teton. Both versions are great, however, so if you’re not a big Sheldon Creed fan, I would suggest just choosing according to whichever aesthetic you prefer. Of course, if you enjoy really large Traxxas vehicles, these little guys may not be for you. However, if you’re 14+ and you don’t mind giving up a bit of size and speed (there’s certainly no sacrifice of fun here!), then these trucks are a great entry level alternative to larger models like the Traxxas Slash & Summit. Honestly, when it comes to Traxxas RC vehicles, you really can’t go wrong now matter what you choose!



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