Did you know that Best Buy carries a wide variety of the latest gaming themed toys? That’s right—I’m talking about cool toys and memorabilia that’s based on popular gaming properties such as those by Nintendo and other gaming platform manufacturers. If you weren’t aware of this, that’s certainly understandable, because sometimes these toys can be difficult to find on the Best Buy Canada website. And that’s what I’m here to help you with today. Read on if you would like to be able to find cool gaming toys that aren’t necessarily always located under the “Toys” banner at Best Buy.

gaming toysYou may be surprised to learn that something like this fun Little Buddy Toys Plush Super Mario 14″ collectible character is not listed anywhere in the ‘Toys’ section of Best Buy Canada’s website. In fact, I recently spent a good bit of time looking for these types of toys in that section of the site with no luck whatsoever. Where did I find this cool plush toy? He was actually located several layers deep in the video games department under the following path: “Video Games > Nintendo > Nintendo Switch > Nintendo Switch Accessories > Nintendo Switch Miscellaneous“. This means that in order for you to find him, you could either click through each of these layers of the site, or simply do the same thing I did and perform a search at Best Buy by typing the search term “Nintendo toys” into the search bar at the top of the page on the Best Buy site.

gaming toysOther search results you’ll get with the very same search words include everything you see in the header image at the top of this page, and you can also vary your search terms slightly to bring back other interesting results that may or may not appear in the “Toys” section of the Best Buy site. For instance, with the search term “Fortnite toys” I was able to find games, action figures, and a number of Funko Pop! figurines like the Funko Pop! Fortnite Dark Voyager Glow in The Dark figure you see at left. These Funko Pop! figures are all the rage over the last few years, and pretty much every major pop-culture property out there is represented. For instance, they’ve got Star Wars characters, Harry Potter characters, WWE characters, Stranger Things characters, PAC-MAN characters, Marvel characters, and more!

Of course, some of these properties fall slightly outside of the video gaming realm, but I’m sure you get the idea—to find the gaming toys and merchandise you want at Best Buy, sometimes a more targeted search may be necessary.

Hopefully this blog has given you a better idea of how to find some of these items beyond just searching in Best Buy’s online Toy department. Although you’ll find a ton of really cool stuff there, some of the best hidden gems are located elsewhere on the site. This is certainly true of gaming related toys and merchandise, and it may be true of other themed toys and items as well. Always try a targeted search when something you’re hoping to find doesn’t appear directly in the toy catalogue. Good luck!

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