Great-gifts-for-kids-teens.jpgHaving kids around at Christmas time makes the holiday even more magical, and there’s nothing more fun for me than picking out gifts for my kids. I love imagining what their face will look like when they open up something from me, and I always enjoy going off their list a bit and finding something they didn’t ask for but I know they’ll love.

This year, there are so many cool gifts for kids and teens that even I’m having a hard time choosing. If you need some ideas, look no further because here are just a few of the great gifts online at right now:

For kids and teens age 10 and up

LEGO Mindstormslego-mindstorms.jpg

LEGO makes the holiday list every single year, and this year the LEGO Mindstorms EV3 will be at the top of it. It’s a robot that walks, talks, and thinks, and you can build him yourself with step-by-step instructions that let you create cool robots like the TRACK3R or the R3PTAR. The kit includes the EV3 brick and the ARM9 processor, plus there’s a USB port to connect your computer via Wi-Fi.


parrot-mini-drone.jpgParrot Rolling Spider Mini Drone

When I first saw the Parrot Rolling Spider Mini Drone, I wanted one for myself. It’s lightweight, fast, and can be flown inside and outside. It also has a cool mini camera so you can check out the view from way up there. This one is a popular pick among the boys in my house.

zboard.jpgZBoard Pro Electric Skate Board

If your son or daughter has been really good this year, you might want to invest in a ZBoard Pro Electric Skate Board. It’s a great mode of transportation if they’re walking back and forth to school because it has a range of 16 km. It’s easy to use too – just lean forward to get it rolling and lean back to brake.

Age 5 to 10


Before I had boys, I thought Nerf was only about foam footballs. I only figured out how much things have changed after the first time I was tapped in the side of the head with a Nerf dart. Now they produce cool toys like the Nerf N-Strike Elite Centurion blaster and the Hasbro Nerf Hydrostorm blaster, not to mention the Hasbro Nerf Rebelle Guard Cross Bow. Set them up in the house and watch the darts fly – it’s so fun you might just pick up arms and play yourself.

zoomer-boomer-dinosaur.jpgZoomer Boomer Dino

At the top of my son’s list this year is the Zoomer Boomer Dino. He’s interactive, so he can spin around, chomp, and roar as he rolls through your house. This is a great gift for kids in kindergarten or grade one who love dinosaurs, and he’s great for creative play or as their very own virtual pet.

Kids Under 5

Leappad.jpgLeapFrog Leappad 3 Learning Tablet

A LeapFrog Leappad 3 Learning Tablet is a fun gift for kids and it’s an even better gift for adults to give. Why? Because the 5” touch screen Learning Tablet has all of the apps and activities your kids love and tons of space for videos and photos, but it’s all wrapped up in a durable, kid-friendly package. They’ll love their LeapPad3 so much, the might stop asking you to use your tablet.



Little Tykes Toddler Push/Balance Bike

What kid doesn’t want a bike under the tree? My kids all learnt to ride a bike thanks to a toddler push/balance bike, and after learning to cruise on this bike they were able to take off on a pedal bike with no problem at all. The Little Tykes Toddler Push/Balance Bike comes in steel blue, green, or a girly pink.

There’s no shortage of amazing gifts for kids and teens this year, so check out the toy section on, sort by age, girl/boy, budget, or brand, and get ready to cross some gifts off your list.


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