Most Canadians are looking forward to watching exciting NHL games with their family. The new season is starting and I know the Canucks will win this year. You might be similarly optimistic about the Habs, or the Oilers, or maybe even the Leafs! Haha, let the rivalries begin. This contest is meant to kick off the new season with a fun way to get the young ones in your family similarly pumped. There are four NHL Zamboni prizes to be won: Zamboni for him, Zamboni for her, Zamboni for children all over the country!

How Kool Karz can bring families together

Kook Karz ride-on toys are really cool. I don’t have to imagine how much I would have loved one when I was young: I want one now! If you have children and love hockey you have to enter this contest or go to the Best Buy website and order one. You don’t have to get a Zamboni. If I was buying one for myself, I’d likely choose a vintage Mercedes Benz. There are many options. If you have a farm, you might prefer the tractor! Children love to emulate their parents and Kool Karz have a range of options so your young one can feel “big” like mommy and daddy.

But of course hockey is how many Canadians gather as a family. If you won this contest, your child could drive the Zamboni from the living room to the kitchen during commercial breaks to get snacks and beverages! It’s all about teaching the importance of team work. They’ll learn how important supporting your team is. There is a cup on the line after all. Cheering and supporting your team is how the cup finally comes home where it belongs.

How will you celebrate the new NHL season

Some of us watch hockey games religiously on Saturday nights. I grew up with that HNIC theme song going through my head as I walked through snowy streets delivering papers. This was well before the amazing Neil Peart perfected it! ( I love how he described his relationship with hockey, “The whole experience-the game, the players, the fans, the announcers, the commercials, the weather-is like an intravenous shot of Canadiana.” (read the full story here and click on the image to the right to see his version of the theme song).

Many people will kick off the NHL season by playing NHL 24. The newest version of this amazing EA Sports game has just launched and you can get it for Xbox and PlayStation. You can get a behind the scenes look into how this game was created, and see it in action in Matthew Rondina’s excellent article detailing his visit to EA Games in Burnaby BC.

Read his article, then return here to enter this fun NHL Kool Karz contest.

How to enter

Entering this contest will be fun and you can enter in three different ways:

  1. In a comment below: tell us which Kool Karz ride-on toy is your favourite and which NHL team you hope wins the cup this year. You must include the link to your favourite car on for a complete eligible contest entry.
  2. In a comment below Matthew Rondina’s visit to EA Sports article, tell us two things that Matthew discussed in the article that you thought was really interesting or that you did not know.
  3. Social post: For one additional entry, create a public post on a social media channel sharing with your friends and followers that you are entering a Best Buy blog contest for a chance to win a ride-on Zamboni toy car. Include the hashtag #ZamboniBestBuyContest, so we can find your post, and include any picture from this contest page. Then return here and tell us in a comment below on which channel you posted it and the name of your channel (since many people use pseudonyms) so that we can check and verify your entry. You can use any social media channel (X, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Thread, LinkedIn, etc.), but the post must be public so we can verify it is there.

What you can win

At the end of the contest, we will randomly select four (4) winners from all eligible entries. Each of these winners will receive a new Kool Karz NHL ride-on Zamboni.

This contest runs from Oct 10th to Oct 24th.

Remember you can enter up to three times as mentioned above. The hockey season will be the best ever: even better if you win this contest. Tell your friends and family to help you and enter too.

Kool Karz NHL Zamboni contest rules and regulations

Good luck.

Martin Renaud
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  1. This contest is now closed. We will draw the winners soon in accordance with the rules. Return to the blog often to read great articles, learn about the latest technology, and to enter more contests. You never know when we’ll be doing another amazing giveaway!

    • I am happy to announce the winner(s) of this contest:

      Jérôme BC – Gatineau, QC
      Adil H – Oakville, ON
      Stan S – Winnipeg, MB
      Brittany S – Yorktown, SK

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