Summer time is almost here (okay, let’s all agree that it is here), so what better time to head inside and play some board games? Some of you might not be as board game focused as I am, as I’ll never turn down an opportunity to play some board games, but the summer is still a great time to get your game on, even if it is after a day out in the sun! What else are you going to do at the cabin (cottage for those east of Alberta), trailer, or even in your own home in the evening?

What’s that? You don’t have many games to play? Well, you’ve stumbled upon the perfect contest then, haven’t you? Best Buy’s Plug-in Blog is giving away oodles of top quality board games! Now, I’m not just saying they’re great games and then actually giving away board games based off of 1990s TV shows—no, these are legitimately awesome games.

Here are some examples of the great games you could be playing this summer

And then we throw in a couple of Monopoly games for the traditionalists (Han Solo Monopoly, and Game of Thrones Monopoly), an adults-only Trivial Pursuit game, and some party games (Speak Out and Fake News)! What more do you want? Oh, you want the rules on how to win? Right.


Entering to win one of these board games is simple, but you can only enter once. Leave a comment at the bottom of this article with the name of a game that you would love to try this summer and why.


At the end of the contest, we’ll choose 5 winners from all eligible entries. Each winner will win one of 5 board game prize packages (complete prize package descriptions are shown in the rules and regulations).

This contest runs from June 1st until June 18th.

Remember, you can only enter once. However, you can share this as many times, and with as many people, as you like. Challenge your friends to share too. Make a game of sharing this post, and you never know, someone in your social circle might win and invite you over for a fun summer game night.

Good Luck.

Win a Board Game Prize Package Contest Rules and Regulations

We frequently have many contests running at Best Buy so check out the “contests in progress” page for more great contests to enter.
Jay enjoys his double life: working at Best Buy Canada as a Video Production Specialist, and his side career as a board game designer. He has a dozen or so games on store shelves right now and many more signed to come out soon. He also teaches game theory to students taking the video game design program at Vancouver Film School.


  1. I have played codenames before and loved it! I would be happy to try any of those games as they all look interesting. Fog of Love sounds weird, unique, and so different from any game I have played before so I would be interested in giving it a try.

  2. Oh for sure the Bob Ross !!! Plus Monopoly never goes out of style so yes please to Hans Solo Monopoly!

  3. I’d like to try Legends of Andor because it’s a strategy game. I play with my brothers and it looks like a game we’d all enjoy and would some brain power.

  4. DROP MIX-
    I used to love going to music festivals and dancing around to the music with friends and family. Now I feel to old and would rather do that in the comfort of my own home. #ADULTING

  5. ooh – lots of great choices. Imhotep would be our number one though as we love Catan type games.

  6. All the games sound like fun. We love board games. Think I’d like to try the Bob Ross game.

  7. I can’t wait to play Sushi Go, it will be great for all the BBQ’s we’re going to have this summer!

  8. I would be interested in trying out codenames for our family game night, it looks like a fun one!

  9. I would love to play Superfight cause i love the idea of trying to explain how your random character would win in a fight with the powers they have

  10. I would love to try Machi Koro. I love Japan and Japanese culture and the games looks colourful and fun!

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