Electric Scooters

Interested in an Electric Scooter? If so, and if you’ve been thinking about getting one, then today’s article is certainly for you. And that’s because today I’m taking a look at some of the top scooter brands that are currently available at Best Buy. Read on for a look at some of the key features to look for in a quality electric scooter, as well as their general aesthetic design and just what they can do.

Top electric scooters from the biggest brand names

Among the top brand names in electric scooters today are SegwayUnagi, and Kugoo. This has changed over the past couple of years as newer scooter brands have emerged with ever newer ideas and innovations.

The manufacturers I’m looking at today make scooters for users of various ages (and sizes), from kids who just want something to ride around on for fun to adults that intend to use their scooter to commute to and from work or to generally get about town. For the remainder of this blog, I’ll mostly focus on the key features and specs of a few of Best Buy’s top branded scooters. This way you’ll have a good idea of what to look for when purchasing a scooter of your own.


As Segway is one of the top scooter brands currently available, a few of the features you might expect to find in some Segway models include a slim and lightweight (yet durable) design—often featuring an aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body, hand brakes, a regenerative braking system, solid rubber tires, and front and rear shock absorption. Additionally, some models offer a top running speed of 30Km/h with a potential driving range of up to 65Km on every single battery charge. They also generally have at least some level of certified weather/water resistance.

Of course, different models will vary in some of these features, and running times will vary with the weight of the rider. Kids’ models are designed with much lower weight maximums than adult models. While a kids’ scooter may carry up to 120 pounds, some adult models can handle riders weighing as much as 220 pounds. Always take the time to fully research the model that catches your eye before finalizing your purchase. And, for a closer look at one of Segway’s top new models, check out Andy Baryer’s recent review of the Segway Ninebot Max (shown above), which has several of the features mentioned here.


Another brand, Unagi, offers its own popular scooter called the Unagi Model One E500 Electric Scooter (shown in red below). This scooter has a number of its own fine features, including 500 Watt dual motors for quick acceleration, puncture-proof rubber tires for a silky smooth ride, and an integrated display/control panel on the handlebars that makes riding the Unagi both intuitive and super easy.

The Unagi also features a carbon fibre, aluminum, and magnesium frame, which gives it considerable strength and durability while also keeping it light and portable. The Unagi’s portability is further enhanced by its convenient foldable design. Of course, these features are not unique to the Unagi, as many of today’s top scooter models offer most of the same ones.

One thing to note about the Unagi Model One E500 Electric Scooter is that it’s classified as a great model for beginners. With a maximum weight capacity of 125Kg (that’s a full 275 pounds), those beginning riders needn’t always be kids. Anyone can cruise the Unagi!


Finally, Kugoo offers its own fine selection of scooters that also have excellent features, such as 3 different speed modes, 8.5 inch honeycomb tires, a high-capacity battery for extended riding times, a 350W motor, and a maximum driving range of 30Km per battery charge. The Kugoo, shown below in white, also has a double braking system with electric brakes in the front and a mechanical disc brake in the back. With this highly efficient braking system, the Kugoo can stop in as little as 4 meters, which is a great safety feature.

Electric Scooters

Made from aviation grade aluminum, the Kugoo’s frame provides an ideal strength to weight ratio, so it’ll get you from Point A to Point B and back even if you weigh up to 264 pounds (120Kg). And, to keep it in perfect working order for a very long time to come, it is fully UL 2272 Certified for riding in the elements, as are many of Best Buy’s top scooter models. These kinds of features certainly make it a whole lot easier for you to find a scooter that does everything you need it to do.

Great scooters at Best Buy

As you’ve probably noticed by now, finding a first rate Electric Scooter at Best Buy is not a difficult task. Choosing which model to buy, however, is another matter entirely! Luckily, nearly all of the top models on the market today have similar great features (foldable, long range battery life, decent top speed, LED lights, effective braking systems, etc.), with only minor differences here and there.

And, while they’re certainly fun and appropriate for young people to use, they’re primarily meant as transportation devices for working adults. If you live in a town or city where your workplace is just a few blocks (or a few kilometres) away, one of these modern electric scooters is an ideal way for you to commute back and forth. As they generally also have great durability and a decent weight capacity, you can even use them for running errands like trips to the local grocery store or to visit friends and neighbours. They’re simply a really great way to get about town!

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