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There are a lot of ways that your child may benefit from having a smartphone. From giving them a way to contact you 24/7 to helping them connect with their peers and schoolwork, smartphones are common for kids in grade school. But if you have a clumsy kid, you might be worried about the longevity of their devices! Here are some of the best smartphone cases for kids and preteens that you’ll both love.

Why buy a smartphone case?

For clumsy kids (and adults), smartphone cases are a great way to make a smartphone last for as long as possible. Not only do they let you customize the look and feel of your phone, but they can also offer drop protection, screen shatter protection, and an easier grip.

Which are the best smartphone cases for kids? 

TopSave Colorful Sliding Window Camera Lens Protective Clear TPU Phone Case w/ Ring Holder Stand Cover For Samsung Galaxy A32 5G, RedTo protect from falls, drops, and bumps, look for a phone case that’s a little on the chunky side, like the ones offered by OtterBox. OtterBox’s large, hard shell cases are often seen as the ultimate in damage evasion: They’re equipped with dual-layer, shock absorbent protection. Plus, despite the brand’s thick designs, each case is finished in a smooth, pocket-friendly plastic. Some are even MagSafe-compatible!

For sleeker smartphone cases for kids, try a hard shell case with a ridge around the screen. The ridge doesn’t have to be noticeable; even just a millimetre will help protect a phone screen in the case of a fall. The slightly raised case will bear the brunt of the impact, in some cases even breaking so that the screen does not. (Fun fact: in my second year of university, I once shattered three of the same hard shell phone case. It was way cheaper than having to replace my phone screen every time I dropped my iPhone.)

Finally, for kids that are still struggling with their grip, try a case with a built-in ring stand or built-in Pop stand. These cases will give your kid something additional to hook their fingers into or around, hopefully reducing their number of drops in the long term!

Add additional coverage to your child’s smartphone or smartphone case 

Case-Mate Twinkle Diamond Fitted Hard Shell Case with MagSafe for iPhone 14 Pro Max - IridescentMy tip for parents shopping for a new phone and phone case? Splurge on that extended warranty. Even the best smartphone cases for kids can’t keep a phone case 100% protected, and the reality of it is that many people (not just kids) drop their phones on a regular basis. So, for some, it’s worth it to simply buy the fun, colourful, unique phone case that your kid loves and keep some insurance in your back pocket just in case.

Personally, I pay for extended coverage every time I purchase a new phone. For those first two blissful, beautiful, under-warranty years, my phone lives naked in my pocket and on my nightstand. It’s a dangerous game—tempered by living every subsequent year in constant trepidation in the most protective case I can find while still staying relatively sleek—but my goodness, those first two years are blissfully worry-free.

Parents have enough to worry about already. Don’t add to that list if you don’t have to!

The best smartphone cases with sparkles (and etcetera)

Do you have a child who doesn’t drop their phone every single week? Congratulations: You’ve unlocked the final tier of parenting. Your kid is officially more dextrous than most adults!

I kid (and, apparently, pun), but truly: Accidents are to be expected for most people. If your kid or preteen has shown that they can do a great job of keeping their phone safe, then it’s probably time to let them choose their own phone case instead of choosing one with them. From sparkly Kate Spade and Case-Mate designs to simple Apple solids, won’t it be exciting to see what they’ll choose?

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