Clicks iPhone keyboard

The Clicks iPhone keyboards, which garnered a lot of attention when it launched at CES 2024 earlier this year, is officially in Canada through pre-order at The cases, available in four finishes and for iPhone 15 series models, will launch this summer, on August 19, 2024, just in time for back to school.

What is the Clicks keyboard?

Remember the BlackBerry? The smartphone from the Canadian brand became a worldwide phenomenon thanks to its combination of high-tech smarts with a miniature physical QWERTY keyboard for easier texting and composition of messages.

The Clicks Keyboard is reminiscent of this experience, but it connects to your iPhone offering both protection around the perimeter of the device and a handy keyboard at the bottom of the phone. Use the keyboard to compose messages, write content, and access keyboard shortcuts. And continue to use the touch screen of the smartphone as usual as well.

What’s the value in a physical keyboard for a phone?

The iPhone already has a pop-up on-screen QWERTY keyboard, of course. You’ll notice this when you want to compose an iMessage or e-mail, or write a note. With the Clicks keyboard, however, you get the satisfying tactile feel of pushing buttons. What’s more, you can enjoy the entire screen real estate of the phone since the physical keyboard replaces the virtual one when it’s attached. With the virtual keyboard, at least a third of your screen is occupied, leaving you less room in the viewing window above. With the Clicks keyboard, you can use the entire phone’s screen.

There have been new features added to the Clicks keyboard over the last few months, too. Core to the keyboard is the ability to set shortcuts for apps and dedicated iOS keys. Now, you can also download the Clicks keyboard app in the App Store for more customization. With the free app, you can customize backlight settings, and adjust the function of different keys. There’s also a “Clicks Mode” that allows you to use the keyboard as a remote for launching apps and mapping various actions to physical keys so they become customizable action buttons.

Clicks keyboard

One of the most exciting devices at CES 2024

The Clicks keyboard made its public debut at CES 2024 earlier this year, where we named it among the coolest tech at the show. During a pre-show media event exclusively for members of the media, at which Best Buy Canada Blog representatives were in attendance, the company’s booth was among the busiest. Plenty of journalists and influencers crowded there, excited for the concept and eager try it out for themselves.

Adrian Li, CEO of Clicks says the response since then has “surpassed even our greatest expectations.”

Do you need a physical keyboard?

I was initially skeptical about the concept, having already lived through the BlackBerry generation. The tactile feel is always appreciated. But the keyboard also adds height to the phone. Plus, Apple’s keyboard and features like predictive text continue to improve, making typing simpler.

But the virtual keyboard is not perfect, and certainly not as intuitive and precise as using physical keys. That’s especially so for those with larger hands and thicker fingers.

What’s more, there’s a desire among the new generation to experience “retro” tech. That’s why there has been a resurgence in products like turntables and instant cameras as well. The Clicks keyboard case fits into this same trendy nostalgia category.

So, it’s not just those who remember using a BlackBerry who are excited about the Clicks keyboard. I showed a photo of the Clicks keyboard to my 12-year-old son and he thought it was “cool,” noting that he often has trouble using the iPhone’s smaller on-screen keyboard and would enjoy this.

Clicks iPhone keyboard

What phones can use the Clicks keyboard?

The Clicks keyboard is available for iPhone 15, 15 Pro, 15 Plus, and 15 Pro Max. It comes in BumbleBee, Royal Ink, Miami Beach, or London Sky.

Pre-order your Clicks keyboard from today, with the official launch on August 19, 2024.

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