Your smartphone is more than just a phone. Of course, it keeps you connected with family and friends. But it can also connect you with music, movies, games, websites and apps. It can interact with smart home products to become your home automation hub.

Every smartphone is different when it comes to capabilities, intended use and price. And, with so many carriers, plans and phones available, it can be a challenge to sort out which smartphone is right for you. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you make an informed decision so you end up with a smartphone that will make your life better in so many ways.

Table of Contents:

    1. Why shop at Best Buy Mobile?
    2. Postpaid, prepaid & unlocked phones
    3. Types of monthly plans
    4. Choosing the right phone for you
    5. Activate your phone
    6. Accessorize and protect your phone

Why shop at Best Buy Mobile

Best phones, plans & prices 

    All the networks, Lots of great phones, all in one place
    Non-commissioned knowledgeable Mobile Advisors
    Clear information on plans and features. No main-in rebates
    Help and support you can count on when you need it

Trade-in your used phone for a gift card 

Best Buy Canada’s Trade-In Program offers you a convenient way to bring us your gently used electronics to trade for a Best Buy Canada gift card. It’s easy:

  • Visit
  • Choose from the Trade-in Categories to estimate
    your product value
  • Click to find a store near you that can accept your phone
  • Bring your phone to the store to claim your gift card

Upgrade early anytime

Early upgrades can happen at any time. If you’re currently on a 2-year plan, you will have to pay any device balance remaining on your current plan at the time of activation.

Device balance is calculated by taking the subsidy (credit) that you received when you activated your device and dividing it by 24. Take that amount and multiply it by the number of months left on the term.

Go to any Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile Mall location to for help and an upgrade check—we’ll show you what options are available.

Postpaid, prepaid & unlocked

Postpaid – If you’re someone who loves having the latest smartphone as soon as it’s available, explore postpaid plan options. A postpaid plan lets you get subsidies on your phone upfront and makes it easy to upgrade to a new phone.

Device balance is divided over a 24-month period, and you can upgrade at any time by paying off the remaining balance—you don’t have to wait until your contract is over.

Prepaid – When you buy a prepaid cell phone, you pay for the service in advance and don’t have to sign a contract for any specific length of time. Prepaying for your minutes, texting and data makes it easy to keep track of your phone budget. And because you aren’t locked into a long-term contract, you have the freedom to change phones and carriers without penalty. This is a good option if you like having the newest technology as soon as it’s available.

Unlocked – Unlocked cell phones are not bound to a specific cellular service provider. You can use them throughout the country with a number of different cellular service providers. This makes unlocked phones especially popular with people who frequently travel overseas.

Types of monthly plans

Premium – Save upfront when you activate your smartphone on Premium Plans. Monthly rate plans include calling and data and start at $80/month.

Premium Plus – Get the lowest price for your smartphone when you activate on Premium Plus Plans. Monthly rate plans include voice and data and start at $90/month.

Family/Share Plans – Find the plans that work for you and your family. Customizable Share/Family voice and data plans allow you to share your data across family members, and you save money for each member you add.

Choosing the right phone for you

There are many features about a new phones to consider including the size, the kind of photography you’ll be able to take, and the amount of storage. You’ll learn about many of these feature in our Cell phone buying guide. The most important initial consideration for most people, though, is the operating system.

Operating Systems

The two major operating systems on the market are Android and iOS. Here’s a brief overview of what each one has to offer.


  • Open source platform that allows third-party developers to create apps and tools
  • Designed as a consumer- and social network-centric platform
  • Easy to customize to match your needs and tastes
  • Thousands of apps available via the Google Play store


Apple iOS

  • Access to one of the widest app selections in the mobile industry, with over a million apps worldwide
  • Intuitive interface with built-in features and apps including iTunes and the Safari mobile web browser
  • iCloud Drive lets you access all your files from any of your Apple devices
  • Security features including Touch ID and passcodes automatically encrypt and protect personal information

Cell phone activation

Before you start using your phone, you’ll need to activate it. This involves connecting with your carrier and getting your service officially started. If you’re buying your phone in-store, our Mobile Advisors will gladly get you all set up. If you’re buying online, you can bring your phone into your nearest Best Buy for activation guidelines.

Accessorize and protect your phone

Accessories – From stylish cases and screen protectors to Bluetooth and memory, you’ll find over 3,000 mobile accessories in-store and online. Here are just a few of the accessories we carry:

Cables Cases Powerbanks


Protection: Life happens to your smartphone, whether it’s a spilled coffee or a sudden glitch. Safeguard yourself with the Geek Squad Protection Plan with Accidental Damage Coverage. We’ll fix or replace your product if it’s damaged by drops or spills. Plus, you get parts, labour and accessory coverage, 24/7 online support and more.

Buy your plan in-store or call us at 1-800-GEEKSQUAD.

Learn More about Geek Squad Protection.

Connection – There are so many cool products that you can connect with your smartphone to easily control comfort, convenience and entertainment. Look for:

  • Smart home tech: From smart lighting to home security, automate your home right from your phone
  • Wireless headphones: Improve any audio that comes out of your smartphone, whether it’s music, movies, or a phone conversation
  • VR: Your smartphone is your portal to immersive 360-degree virtual reality excitement
  • Smartwatches: Pair your smartphone with a smartwatch to get everything from text messages and calls to fitness tracking delivered right to your wrist
  • And more…

Take the next step

You can see why so many Canadians choose Best Buy for all of their cellphone needs. See the latest phones and accessories online, and visit any Best Buy or Best Buy Mobile location to find the cellular solution that is right for you.

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