Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock

Today I’m taking a look at the Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock. This incredible lock gives owners the convenient option for keyless entry through either its touchscreen pin code function, or by smartphone. Let’s dig in further with some of the key features of the Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock.

Installing your new lock 

Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart LockInstalling the Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock does not require much more effort than installing any standard door lock. It is important to note however that there are two standard sizes of bore hole for most door locks—1 1/2 inches and 2 1/8 inches. This robust Yale lock requires the latter for proper mounting.

Sure enough, the hole on my own door was the smaller 1 1/2 inch size. Luckily, this was an easy fix. By simply using a 2 1/8 inch borehole attachment along with my power drill, I was able to widen my door hole to the correct size.

At this stage, installing the lock is a breeze. A simple Phillips head screwdriver is all you’ll need to finish the job. Aside from one small cable for the lock’s electrical components (which easily plugs in to the circuit board), the task is as simple as mounting a traditional lock.

Once connected, you’ll be prompted to choose a master pin number for your touchscreen lock. You aren’t limited to just one pin number however. Owners can assign each family member their own pin number, which will let them keep track of who is coming and going. You can even assign temporary pin numbers to relatives, houseguests, or any visitor whom you may wish to grant access. You’ll never have to worry about juggling spare keys again!

Checking your door latch

Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock

I have one more convenient tip for you when setting up the Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock. Since the lock has an automated deadbolt locking mechanism, you’ll want to be sure your door latch is set snugly in its catch.

Often people do not actually have their latch set properly. We get used to just giving our door an extra little push or pull when locking the deadbolt by hand. However, setting the catch to shut properly without the extra muscle can, in many cases, be accomplished by loosening the catch and sliding it over manually.

I definitely recommend taking the time to make this small adjustment if necessary. By ensuring your door is set tight in the jamb when shut, the Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock will be able to operate unimpeded.

Connecting with the August App

Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock

One of the best features of the Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock is its integration with the “August” App. The lock comes with a module which simply plugs in under the battery cover. With this, you instantly have Bluetooth connectivity with your smart lock.

Better yet, you can also connect to August via the included Wi-Fi hub. Simply plug the hub into a wall near your door and follow the easy instructions to set it up on your home Wi-Fi network. Now you will be able to check on the status of your lock from anywhere via the August App!

Also note that if you have a Yale Lock from prior to their partnership with August, you can purchase this accessory kit to upgrade your lock with August compatibility.

Ways to use the August App

Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart LockOnce your Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock is a part of your smart home network, you can easily monitor and manage all aspects of it from the August App. You’ll not only be able to confirm whether or not your door is locked, but also lock or unlock it from anywhere with a simple press of the screen on your smart phone.

You can also use the August App to set default actions for your lock. For example, you can set the deadbolt to automatically lock itself. You can have it lock instantly whenever the door closes, or on a delay up to 2 minutes.

You can even set August up to monitor your GPS location via your smart phone. In doing so, you can have August unlock your door for you when you arrive home!

If you enable this feature, whenever you stray further than 200 yards from home, August will send you an alert that you are “away”. Once you return, upon coming within a few feet of your smart lock, August will automatically unlock your door for you. This is immensely convenient when you are walking up with an armful of groceries!

Always know who is coming and going

Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock

With the August App, you can see a full report in real time of any actions involving your lock. August will provide a timestamp whenever your door is locked or unlocked. If you have individual pin numbers for different residents, you can even know specifically who unlocked your door!

You can also set up a variety of alerts with the August App for supreme peace of mind. August can alert you if your door is left ajar, if the door is locked or unlocked by a specific user (or by anyone), or even if the door has performed an auto-lock. This alert system allows you to keep tabs on your family. It also gives you a heads up if your door is locked or unlocked unexpectedly.

Alexa, is the front door locked?

With the August App you can integrate the Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock with smart home network devices such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomeKit.

I was easily able to add my lock to the list of devices recognized by Alexa. I could then use voice command to check on the status of my door. Alexa can even lock it if need be. Note however, that for safety reasons, Alexa is unable to unlock your door via voice command.

Final thoughts

Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock

In my opinion the Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock is extremely impressive. The touchscreen keypad is particularly convenient and easy to use. I look forward to a long future of managing access for family and guests without the necessity of keys. However, the real shining feature of the lock is its smart home connectivity via the August App.

I love being able to check on my lock from absolutely anywhere. Whether I’m up in bed at night, or sitting at the office miles away, I can always verify that my door is locked. Furthermore, if anybody does open my door, I will receive an alert the moment it happens.

The Yale Assure Touchscreen Smart Lock comes in three different finishes to suit the style of your home—Nickel, Brass, and Bronze. I would definitely recommend this lock to anyone from the smart home aficionado to the average Joe just looking for a great lock that comes with safety and peace of mind included.

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