Great news just in from the 2017 CES in Las Vegas for anyone wanting to improve their home or business security system, or who simply wishes to stay current with the latest smart home security technology! Global leader in security solutions, Swann, has just announced a new lineup of high quality security cameras that includes HD & UHD models offering resolutions of 1080p, 5MP, and 4K. This means that protecting your home or place of business from all manner of intruders or trespassers just got a whole lot easier. But that’s not all, the really BIG news is that…

Swann Security Systems are Coming to Best Buy

Among the amazing Swann products that you’ll soon be able to purchase directly from Best Buy are the Swann Smart Security Camera, the Swann Thermal-Sensing HD Security System, the Swann Super HD Security System, and the Swann 4K Ultra HD Security System. I’ll try to give a few words of description to each model, and I’ll sprinkle a photo or two into the mix as well.


The Swann Smart Security Camera

This state-of-the-art camera (pictured below) is perfect for protecting either your home or business premisses. Featuring an impressive 120 degree field of vision and recording in crystal clear 1080p resolution both day and night, this HD video camera is ready for anything. And, most reassuringly, it can capture such details as human facial features and car license plate numbers. That’s pretty impressive, but what’s even better is that these amazing security cameras are completely wire free! That’s right, these cameras actually run on fully rechargeable battery packs that may easily be charged via a Micro USB cable. Moreover, the total battery life on a single battery charge is a whopping 3 months. Simply incredible!


Adding to the value of these high quality cameras is their advanced heat-based PIR motion detection system that’s super reliable. And, whenever the camera detects a trespasser, you’ll not only capture all of their activities, but you’ll also receive a notification via your smart phone. This way you can simply call the police if necessary. In fact, you needn’t wait for an intruder or trespasser to come to you, you can simply just use your phone to remotely check on your home at your own convenience. There’s even a free app called SAFE that allows you to easily save and playback clips that your cameras have recorded, and you can keep recordings of suspicious activity to later turn over to police if you wish. Now that’s peace of mind!

Additional features include the ability to quickly and easily connect to your existing WI-FI network & 8GB of memory with which you can record up to 3,000 clips of up to 20 seconds each (and that’s without having to subscribe to any cloud based storage service). In fact, the entire system is a simple DIY project that pretty much anyone can set up and use. No expertise whatsoever is required!


The Swann Thermal-Sensing HD Security System

If you’re tired of every little insect or swaying branch triggering your motion activated video cameras, you’ll be happy to hear that the Swann Thermal-Sensing HD Security System only detects large, heat-generating objects such as humans, pets, and motor vehicles. That’s because this 8 Channel DVR system has 4 thermal sensing motion activated cameras that record video in 1080p HD resolution whether they’re set up indoors or out, and they also feature 20m infrared night vision that’s sure to reveal anything that might be skulking in the shadows.

The system even allows for the addition of 4 more Swann cameras to upgrade to a full 8 channel security monitoring system. Compatible cameras include the PRO-1080MSB, the PRO-T853 (1080p), and the PRO-T835 (720p) and are easy to set up and use. You can even engage in live viewing of whatever your cameras are capturing in full HD on HDTV or LCD screens, monitor your footage through an HDMI connection or VGA port, or employ the Quickshot Time Lapse feature to record footage and play back the images in sequence. And this is just a few of the ways in which you can use the Swann Thermal-Sensing HD Security System—a system that’s right at the crossroads between security and convenience.


The Swann Super HD Security System

This Swann camera has 5 Megapixels of super high definition resolution for seeing all of the comings and goings on your property in absolute crystal clarity. In fact, 5MP resolution is a full 2.5 times greater than 1080p resolution, so you’ll be able to see things you never even thought possible!

The system itself is an 8 channel DVR network offering four 5 Megapixel cameras that each have a range of 100ft (30m) of infrared night vision for capturing clear and detailed shots even in the dead of night, and it can all be recorded to a whopping 2TB hard drive. In fact, you can even record from all cameras at once, so you’ll never have to miss a thing that occurs on your property. Featuring high quality construction, these durable cameras are ideal for either indoor or outdoor use, and, once again, you can add 4 additional cameras (either the Swann PRO-T890 Bullet or the PRO-T891 Dome) for a more robust 8 channel monitoring system.

Finally, download the free SwannView Plus App (compatible with both iOS & Android based devices) and use your smart phone or tablet to live view your footage or play it back at any time, whatever works for you! And you can even watch what you capture on bigger and better screens. For instance, you can watch using an HDTV connection and LCD screen, or you can hook up via an HDMI or VGA connection, or even a VGA port. The choice, and convenience, are all yours!


The Swann 4K Ultra HD Security System

Finally, the Swann 4K Ultra HD Security System (shown above) is great for viewing your captured footage on Ultra High Definition 4K TVs & 1080p HD TVs & monitors. The superior image quality that these cameras can record is absolutely state-of-the-art. It’s so good, in fact, that you’ll easily see incredible detail in all the images you capture—even when that footage is recorded at a significant distance. Every detail and colour is delivered in beautiful Ultra HD quality, so a positive ID of potential intruders is far more likely. Even after dark these cameras are powerful enough to record (via night vision) at a distance of up to 30 metres (or 100 feet). Moreover, the 8 Channel 4K Network Video Recorder includes 4 UHD security cameras that produce 4 times as many pixels (that’s 8MP) as a regular 1080p HD (or 2 Megapixel) system, making for glorious picture quality with every video you capture. Add to that its status as an indoor or outdoor use system (featuring a weather-resistant rating of IP66) and you’re good to go under any scenario or circumstance.


If you’re excited by the prospect of acquiring one or more of these new Swann security camera systems, keep an eye on Best Buy’s Security Cameras page for their imminent appearance. They should be out by next month!

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