If you’re a fan of Philips Hue smart lighting, then brace yourself for the latest announcement from the Las Vegas 2019 Consumer Electronics Show. Philips Hue has just announced three new outdoor smart light offerings as well as a new wireless outdoor motion sensor to enhance smart homes everywhere. Read on if you’d like to learn some of the details we have on these products so you can plan your future smart home upgrades accordingly.

(Note: New images have how been added showing some of these upcoming Philips Hue products.)


New Outdoor Offerings from Philips Hue

As of right now, what we know is that Philips Hue has at least 3 new outdoor lighting models coming, along with one outdoor motion sensor. These will almost assuredly be available at Best Buy, though I can’t really confirm anything myself.

The Philips Hue Outdoor Sensor, which is wireless and battery powered, will detect motion in your back yard (or wherever you place it—it can go virtually anywhere) and can tell whenever anyone gets too close.

Working in conjunction with your other Philips Hue outdoor lights, the sensor will prompt your lights to come on any time movement is detected.

This not only provides excellent security against potential trespassers on your property, but it can also help you, your family, and guests visiting your home to see where they are stepping when approaching your home in the dark.


As for the new lighting options, these are wall-mounted outdoor fixtures that offer slightly different features from model to model (i.e., the Philips Hue Welcome Flood Light will only illuminate in bright white light while the Philips Hue Discover Flood Light will offer the full colour palette of over 16 million different hues). There’s also a model coming called the Philips Hue Econic.

Each of these lights will work just like all of the other Philips Hue lights that we’re used to seeing—via the Philips Hue App on your iOS or Android based smart device (as well as through all of the major smart voice assistants and other smart home ecosystems, like Apple’s homeKit).

Of course, you can also schedule your lights to come on and go off at specific designated times, use them with various Hue scenes and automations, and they’re also fully compatible with your existing (both) indoor and outdoor Philips Hue lights.

These new Philips Hue offerings are expected to show up relatively soon, so it might be a good idea to keep an eye on this blog to see if and when we get review samples in for hands-on testing and to tell you all about. This could all begin happening even before we’re all the way through this winter, so bookmark this site now if you haven’t already and revisit our homepage often for all the latest tech product news and reviews.


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