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Smart home devices make life easier, but controlling all of the different devices via their individual apps isn’t always as simple as it should be. You open one app for your cameras, another app for your door lock, and yet another if you choose a different brand for your doorbell camera or smart refrigerator. Additionally, you must look for devices that are compatible with your preferred digital assistant or smart displays. That’s why Matter, an industry-standard platform that connects all smart home devices, is so exciting.

Matter is coming to Best Buy this fall. Here’s what Matter is, how it will work, and why it will make it easier than ever for you to shop for and use your smart home devices.

What is Matter?

Matter-supported smart home

Matter is a virtual platform or type of language for smart home devices. The simplest way to explain Matter is that it will connect all of the different devices and give you a way to easily control them. It’s created as part of the Connectivity Standards Alliance, is open source, and is available for brands to use royalty-free.

Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Samsung SmartThings have committed to Matter, so it’s likely that soon all of your favourite smart home devices will be using it to connect to each other. There are more than 240 brands that have signed on so far.

How does Matter work?

Matter is entirely virtual, so there won’t be an app or virtual assistant to talk to or open up. Instead, Matter will run on Wi-Fi and use Bluetooth to set up your devices. You’ll still get to choose which apps and which voice assistants you’d like to use, and all you’ll need to do is scan a code with your phone and that new device will join your home’s ecosystem.

So, for example, if you use Arlo cameras, Nest cameras, Eufy doorbell, and Hue smart lights, you’ll be able to control all of them seamlessly. This gives you the freedom to choose between the different smart home brands without needing to open multiple apps. It also gives you more freedom when picking smart home devices because you won’t have to stick to one brand. You can pick and choose the smart devices you want to own and Matter will enable you to seamlessly connect them and let you control them all together.

Will Matter work with all of your existing smart home devices?

When Matter launches in fall 2022, your existing smart home devices may be able to use the protocol. Many smart home brands have already signed onto Matter. However, you should check the individual product pages on to learn how each individual product will handle Matter.

Best Buy will have the largest selection of Matter-supported devices

As of right now, the first generation of Matter will support specific types of smart home devices including thermostats, light bulbs, smart plugs, and smart locks. These Matter-supported devices will be available at Best Buy beginning this fall, and Best Buy will be the only retailer to carry such a large number of supported smart home devices across all brands.

If you’re interested in adding to or upgrading your smart home, you’ll find a diverse selection of devices at Best Buy. Thanks to Matter, they’ll all seamlessly work together. If you’d like to begin your search for smart home devices, you can take a look at everything Best Buy carries right now.

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