Everyday is love day, but Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to shower your loved ones in gratitude. Whether it’s your significant other, your friends, or your family, you can show love to everyone near to your heart in many different ways. Handwritten letters and chocolates hold their own place on V-Day, but sometimes going the extra mile makes the day even more special. You can make it a memorable Valentine’s Day with a gift that brings you closer together. BestBuy.ca has you covered this year, and we’ve put together a list to get you started. 

Stay connected in love with smart video calling

Facebook Portal TV Smart Video Calling with AlexaSometimes you’re miles away from the ones who matter most, but distance doesn’t have to stop the love from pouring out. In today’s day, distance doesn’t mean you have to be apart. Face to face is possible across the ocean with Facebook Portal TV Smart Video Calling with Alexa. This device brings smart calling right to your television, so you can feel like you’re sitting in your living room and chatting away together like any other day. Plus, you can connect to up to 3 people via WhatsApp and up to 7 people through Facebook Messenger to make the call a party. It also displays photos for whenever you’re in between calls or watching television. And what’s more is that it works with Amazon Alexa to make using it as easy as it gets with voice commands. 

Think about the little things that make a big difference

Tile Pro Bluetooth Item TrackerAnother great gift to give? The gift of keeping track of your loved ones’ most important items. The Tile Pro Bluetooth Item Tracker attaches onto the most important items, like keys, purses, wallets, and other valuables to ensure they can be found from up to 400 feet away. All that needs to be done is to connect to the Tile App and use it when the item needs to be found. The device will play a loud sound, making it easier than ever to find items quickly and without the hassle of tearing the house apart. 

VOCOlinc Flowerbud Smart Wi-Fi Aroma Diffuser.Bring the joy of aromatherapy and relaxation into the home of your favourite person with a VOCOlinc Flowerbud Smart Wi-Fi Aroma Diffuser. This smart Wi-Fi diffuser, which is designed to work with your home automation system, dispenses wonderfully pleasant and fresh, fragrant air into any room. With a 300 ml capacity tank, they can keep it going for long periods of time without having to refill it too often. Plus, it has a full-spectrum mood light with up to 16 million different ambient colours that give the space an extra boost of calm and tranquility. 

Keep your loved ones safe and secure with upgraded tech 

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Pro + ConnectYou want to ensure that your loved one is always safe and sound, and that all starts with home security. Make them feel secure and at ease, while also making their lives more convenient with the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Pro + Connect. This system creates completely secure and keyless entry to their home—no codes or hassle needed. It also allows them to give keyless entry to friends, family, and home services without the added concern of having to copy or lose extra keys. Plus, it makes unlocking and locking the door achievable using just a smartphone. Upgrading home security has never been this easy. Check out this great review on the Best Buy Blog by Erin Lawrence to find out more. 

Nextbase 322GW Full HD 1080p Dash CamAnother way to keep your loved ones safe is by ensuring they’ve got all bases covered while driving. Having a dash cam is a necessity these days, and the Nextbase 322GW Full HD 1080p Dash Cam is the third eye every driver needs to have handy. This camera records in 1080p HD using a 6G lens, ensuring crisp and clear video quality. In case of an emergency, it uses an SOS that sends the driver’s medical data to emergency services that are nearby. This ensures they can rush to the scene quickly with the appropriate medical treatment. It has loop recording as well, so it continues to record even if the memory is full. Additionally, it has an Intelligent Parking Mode, which tracks physical movement or bumps on unattended vehicles. 

Bring the amusement back into gift giving with some fun tech 

ION Party Rocker Effects Bluetooth Speaker with MicrophoneNow that you’ve got their safety covered, it’s time to consider the fun. There’s nothing better than a night in with your lover, friends, or family enjoying your favourite tunes and singing along. There’s no better way to do this than with the ION Party Rocker Effects Bluetooth Speaker with Microphone. Bring out your inner divas and rock stars, and perform in your own personal half-time show. Not only does it boast a powerful 4″ woofer and wide-dispersion tweeter that amps up any room in the house, but it also connects via Bluetooth from any smart device. The speaker’s vibrant coloured light show and high quality microphone with fun voice effects can make every night karaoke night. 

Propel Star Wars X-Wing Battling Quadcopter DroneWhat do you get someone who has a very specific taste in fantasy franchises and already has everything? A Propel Star Wars X-Wing Battling Quadcopter Drone. This is another fun gift idea for the Star Wars fan in your life who may not be as keen on receiving chocolates or flowers. Bring their nerd to life with this drone that goes up to 35 MPH, has LED directional lights, and uses a hobby-grade controller that plays music, vibrates, and lights up to really amplify the combat experience. 

Hover-1 Journey Foldable Electric ScooterAnd last on the fun list—but most certainly not least, is the Hover-1 Journey Foldable Electric Scooter. See, riding around on a scooter doesn’t have to be a nostalgic memory, it can be part of our futures. Your loved ones want to have fun and revel in their golden years. Scootering around really does feel like you’re free-falling through the streets. Getting to work or school has never been this much fun. This scooter goes up to 22.5 KPH and can travel up to 26 Km on a single charge. It makes zooming off and away smooth and easy without breaking a sweat. Plus, it’s foldable and compact enough to easily store away when not being used. 

Make it the most thoughtful Valentine’s Day yet

Whether it’s for fun, for safety, or for convenience, giving the perfect gift always comes from the heart. It’s not about what you’re buying, but the gesture behind it. Making Valentine’s Day special is all about putting extra thought into the gifts that you give your loved ones. Just think about who your loved ones are, what they love to do, and what they need, and let BestBuy.ca do the rest. 

Originally a Vancouverite, Shadi is a freelance writer and social media coordinator now surviving the winters of Toronto. She spends her free time reading, doing creative writing, and trying to make her Fitbit proud. Shadi can also be found in the kitchen as she trains for the next round of Masterchef tryouts.


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