Could you use an occasional reminder about something important? I think pretty much everyone can. And that’s where the new Tochie device comes in. Tochie is a “personal voice aide” that allows you to provide a loved one with unlimited voice reminders of important events and an ongoing social connection with them if they don’t live in the same home as you. It’s also compact, smart home compatible, and has a variety of excellent use cases that make it a truly invaluable device. So, what can Tochie do?

Tochie is great for seniors

One of the main reasons for the development of Tochie is to help those of us with ageing parents that want to live independently but aren’t quite as sharp as they used to be, which can certainly lead to a lot of worry for us. For instance, if your mom or dad lives alone and sometimes forgets to take their medicine or lock the door, Tochie is a great way for you to record a personalized voice reminder for them that will play at the appropriate time in your own voice—like when it’s time for them to take a pill.

Another example is turning off the stove. Sometimes older folks—or even younger folks, can forget to turn off the stove after heating something up. If you know that your mom or dad likes to make a pot of tea at 4PM every afternoon, you can record a Tochie voice reminder for them that plays at 4:15 or 4:20 every single day to remind them to take note that they’ve turned off the burner under their kettle. This could potentially save their life by preventing a fire in the event that they forget to turn off the burner on their own. You can also give them a reminder to check that everything is off and/or unplugged just before they go to bed.

Better still, Tochie can communicate with their existing smart home setup and detect things like a door not being locked at bedtime (if they have a smart lock) and remind them of that—just one of the many things that Tochie can do when looped into a smart home setup.

Tochie is great for everyone!

Tochie isn’t just useful for seniors. It’s actually great for everyone! For instance, if you have kids that arrive home from school before you get home from work, you can remind them to lock the door behind them when they come into the house, remind them that a particular snack is waiting for them in a certain part of the fridge, remind them to feed the cat or walk the dog, remind them that you’ll be working later than usual that night, or remind them of anything else that might be important.

Similarly, you can set reminders for yourself if you tend to be forgetful about some things. And the reason that this all works is because Tochie has a variety of key features that make it useful for each of these unique scenarios. For example, Tochie does not require the person on the receiving end of the message to do anything to set up the device or learn how to use it. The caregiver can initially set up the device and make sure it’s ready to go. All the person on the receiving end of the message needs is Wi-Fi and electricity in their home.

Tochie is also not event driven, nor does it require any prompting by the end user to activate. The remote caregiver can simply record messages through Tochie’s dedicated app, and those messages will play when scheduled. Tochie allows you to schedule, remind, and organize to your heart’s content, so you’ll always feel reassured that your ageing parent, minor child, or anyone else is going to be OK.

If you wish to give your loved ones personalized recordings of reminders and other important messages in a voice they’ll always recognize—yours, then Tochie might just be the perfect way for you to keep in touch and give them the care they deserve!

Leonard Bond
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