hunter-smartblinds-2Today we discover the many features and benefits of Hunter Douglas blinds and shades—an incredible smart home breakthrough that gives you complete control over your window blinds & treatments via a wireless motorized system. If you want your home to be equipped with the safest and most advanced blinds on planet Earth, the first step is to learn all about them, and for that you need only keep reading!


Introducing Hunter Douglas blinds

If you find yourself frequently changing the position of your blinds throughout the day in an attempt to regulate the heat and light coming into your home through the windows, well now you no longer have to. Thanks to the breakthrough technology from Hunter Douglas called PowerView Motorization, now your blinds can be programmed to adjust automatically according to whatever parameters you set. For example, if you want lots of light to get in during the daytime throughout the winter, but prefer to enjoy your privacy in the evenings when it’s dark, you can easily program your Hunter Douglas blinds to open and close accordingly.



In fact, all you need to do is program the PowerView system to move your blinds to the exact position you desire, and then simply schedule the appropriate adjustment times via the PowerView App. This app works with your existing smart phone or tablet, and it allows you to control every aspect of the positioning of your blinds, from the amounts and angles that they’re open, to the times that they change their positions. And if that wasn’t control enough over your window treatments, there’s also the PowerView Pebble Controller, which allows you to control your PowerView settings without the need of any other device. The PowerView Pebble is essentially a remote control for your blinds, only it’s got its own unique look and can control up to six different sets of treatments at once. The PowerView Pebble Scene Controller is yet another option. This device has an advanced display screen that allows you to set specific room scenes (shade combinations & positions) that you’ve pre-programmed via the PowerView App. Both Pebble units are shown at right.


The PowerView Motorization system also allows for such functionality as coordinating your blinds to move with the precise timing of the daily sunrise and sunset times in your specific location. This means that you can have your blinds open as the sun rises to help give you that little bit of extra light encouragement to get up in the morning, or have them close at sunset to keep nighttime outdoor lighting or light from passing vehicles from entering your home and waking you up. All of this is possible because the PowerView system knows your location and is able to calculate sunrise and sunset times accordingly.




Another great feature of Hunter Douglas blinds and shades is safety! Because they have no cords or wires running across the floors of your home, there’s nothing for you, your kids, or your pets to get tangled up in and trip over. They’re completely safe to use and contribute to a clutter-free home.

Moreover, most PowerView treatments are powered by an easy to install and well hidden battery pack, meaning they won’t draw on your electricity or detract from the beauty of your home.

Finally, this amazing new window treatment system can even be coordinated to work with the other smart home devices in your home, so the possibilities for setting scenes, moods, and atmospheres within your home are virtually endless.


Whether you’re looking for Hunter Douglas blinds and shades or any one of numerous other modern smart home innovations, you’ll find everything you need at Best Buy.


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