Did you know that Google has products that promote environmental awareness and sustainability? It’s true—Google is making a big effort to protect and maintain the environment in the ways that are available to them as a major corporation. In today’s blog, I’m going to explore a few of the Google products that are contributing to this goal. Read on for full details!

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Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker


The first Google product I want to discuss today is the Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker. Did you know that Google designed this smart speaker to be environmentally friendly? It is! Not only does it have all the features and benefits of a modern smart speaker, including the incredible Google Assistant, but it’s also designed for sustainability.

For instance, it features an enclosure made from 70% recycled plastic, as well as sustainable fabric and a few other smaller parts. Google’s decision to incorporate recycled materials into the hardware of its latest products reflects the company’s full commitment to environmental sustainability and their hope to influence other companies to do the same.

Google Nest Hub 2nd Generation


Another product with environmental considerations is the Google Nest Hub 2nd Generation. This beautifully designed smart display is not only simple and subtle with a look and colours to fit any decor, but it’s also made with environmental concerns in mind. It features an enclosure that’s made from 54% recycled plastic, and it uses similarly sustainable materials as the Next Audio speaker. Of course, it also has ton of useful features, including being able to show and tell you where the nearest recycling depot is.

Nest Thermostat

While the Nest Audio and Nest Hub 2nd Gen. do a great job of incorporating recycled materials into their hardware, the Google Nest Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat has another great way of helping to sustain the environment—by helping you to save on precious energy!

How, you ask? Well, for one thing, the Google Nest Thermostat can actually turn itself down any time you leave the house. This means that you won’t inadvertently waste energy heating (or cooling down) an empty house, thus helping both the environment and your bank account (with lower energy bills).


The Nest Thermostat also assists users in creating an energy-efficient operating schedule, again helping to save both energy and money. And, with its Savings Finder feature, it literally seeks out ways to help you cut your home’s energy consumption even further.

And, like the Nest Audio and Hub 2nd Gen., the Nest Thermostat employs recycled materials to help cut down on waste. For instance, its plastic components consist of 49% recycled post-consumer plastic, showing that even when it comes to thermostats, Google designs its products with the good of the environment in mind.

If environmental awareness and sustainability are important to you, you’ll be happy to know that Google is taking this issue seriously. And it’s not just lip service either—they’re taking real, tangible steps toward sustaining the environment and setting a positive example for both consumers and other companies. From using recycled materials in the production of their goods to developing new technologies that help end users to save energy in their own homes, the folks at Google are doing their part to promote greater environmental awareness and ongoing sustainability.

Leonard Bond
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