Family outside with Samsung The Terrace TV

Dads and tech go together like peanut butter and jelly, especially when it comes to Father’s Day gift ideas. Even dads who aren’t particularly proficient with the latest tech are probably at least intrigued by it. And many tech products aren’t just for fun: they offer plenty of value for dads of all ages.

With that said, remove that pair of designer socks, tie, and monthly subscription box you might have had sitting in your virtual cart for the last few days. Instead, consider getting dad a cool tech gift for Father’s Day that he’ll not only use, but also love. From smart home tech to cameras, drones, big screen TVs, and more, fathers will welcome all of it with open arms. Plus, they’ll appreciate the extra thought that went into these gifts for dad.

Smart home gifts for dad who loves to tinker

Philips smart lights

Being able to control everything from lights to a security camera, music, TV, and more from the comfort of your couch is worth the set up required for a smart home. And with the latest tech, set-up can be done within minutes.

Start dad off with some smart lights in a starter kit to replace his old halogen bulbs in one room. Chances are, he’ll love it. At the next occasion, you can expand the system for him (if he hasn’t done it already himself!).

Not only can dad control the lights from an app on his phone while relaxing at home, he can also set schedules and remotely control the lights from anywhere. With colour bulbs, he can also set the mood with a vibrant blue for video game night and a sultry red for date night with his partner. Smart entertainment lighting includes things Ring video doorbelllike strip lights and smart light panels. These can create ambiance in the living room, den, games room, or other room of the home where dad tends to spend a lot of his time.

An outdoor smart security camera is also something dad will love tinkering with. Or consider a video doorbell, which provides the freedom of not only being able to know when someone is at the door, but also seeing them. Many video doorbells work with smartphone apps. They also include features like smart replies, motion detection, night vision, and other useful features.

smart displayThe hub of every smart home is a smart speaker. By now, dad probably has one like an Amazon Echo or Google Nest device. Add a smart display to the mix as a Father’s Day gift idea for dad so he can set up on his bedroom nightstand, in the kitchen, study, home office, or wherever else he might find it useful. This gift for dad adds the element of video along with audio. He can watch streaming videos, pull up a live feed from the security camera outside, make video calls, see the weather, and more.

Cameras for the creative and adventurous dad

Dad might be a budding photographer or maybe he’s always looking for a new hobby. Even those who aren’t into photography might be inspired with a premium camera and see it as a reason to start learning. One of the best options would be a compact mirrorless camera, which is lightweight, compact, and a nice in-between a point-and-shoot and larger DSLR that won’t be too complicated but have tons of manual features once he gets more familiar with using it.

A new model to consider is the Sony Alpha ZV-E1 full-frame mirrorless vlogger camera. It will appeal to dads who love capturing footage they can share on social media or their own YouTube channel. Or maybe he loves getting footage of the kids and creating his own video montages. If dad loves the creative aspects of photography, this camera will be a great option for him.

GoPro Hero 11For adventurous dads, a wearable action camera will give him the opportunity to record all of his adventures. This might be snowmobiling at the cottage, skiing at the local resort, hiking or cycling in remote locales, or surfing on the beach. GoPro is, of course, one of the top brands in space this with models like the GoPro Hero11. With a waterproof design, you can take it pretty much anywhere. Just make sure to grab him the necessary mounts and accessories to go with it, based on his activity of choice.

Keep in mind that most smartphones nowadays function as high-end cameras, too. So you might want to consider upgrading dad’s phone with a newer model, like the Apple iPhone 14 or even go for the new Google Pixel 7a. If you have access to dad’s carrier plan, you can work out the details, or grab him an unlocked device.

Drone gifts for dad who loves to have fun

AIR NEO Airselfie Camera Drone in flight over a backyard

Every dad loves having a new tech toy to play with, becoming like a kid in the candy store when the opportunity arises. It’s for this reason that fun gifts for dad will always go over well. Drones are one of the most popular ones, and you can get dad an entry-level model he can use to practice and get familiarized with the process of navigating it at home in the backyard before taking it out to another approved area for use. He’ll be flying, doing stunts, and snapping aerial photos and videos in no time. If you want to go the extra mile, set him up for drone pilot training courses, too.

Entertainment for the dad who loves to sit back and relax


Who wouldn’t love a brand-new big screen TV for the home? As a Father’s Day gift idea for dad, it’s a definite winner. Whether it’s for the family room, den, basement games room, or bedroom, looking at something 4K so he can get the best of the best when it comes to picture quality. A smart TV, which almost all of the latest TVs today are, will make it easy for him to access all his favourite streaming services right from the TV interface.

Want to really impress dad? Get him an outdoor TV like the Samsung The Terrace TV (shown at the top of this article) he can set up on the back deck for catching the game or the latest action flick while relaxing outside. Or consider the Neptune UHD HDR LED outdoor smart TV that even comes with an outdoor tilting wall mount for secure installation outside.

Complement the TV with great audio through a compact soundbar or home speaker system. He can be totally immersed in the action, whether he’s watching the big game or playing video games.

Xbox Series XGaming for the dad who loves to play

Speaking of which, if dad has been getting back into gaming, or has been an avid gamer for years, one of the great Father’s Day gift ideas for dad to consider is upgrading his old console with a new one like the Xbox Series S or X, or the PlayStation 5. Grab a bundle that includes a game he can start playing right away. Or get the console on its own and  grab a few new titles or an online pass so he can log in and download to get playing right away. Don’t forget useful accessories like a gaming headset, extra controllers, and maybe even a fancy new gaming chair.

Help him take his gaming to the next level with a virtual reality (VR) headset. He can enjoy a totally immersive experience either on his own, with the entire family. Plus, he will impress his buds during a guy’s night at home. With a VR headset, he can play games while on his feet versus sitting passively on the couch, explore virtual worlds, and more.

Get Father’s Day gifts for dad that he’ll love

It’s time to leave the boring, old traditional gifts behind and opt for something dad will truly love for Father’s Day. It might be something to facilitate his passion for gaming and entertainment, a gift that might spark a new hobby, or simply a new tech toy he can tinker with. There are plenty of options to consider when it comes to great Father’s Day gift ideas.

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  1. Father’s Day is a great opportunity to show appreciation for your dad and find a gift that suits his interests and personality. Here are some gift ideas for different types of dads:

    1. Tech Enthusiast Dad:
    – Smartwatch or fitness tracker
    – Bluetooth headphones or speakers
    – Virtual reality headset
    – Drone or remote-controlled gadget
    – Streaming device for the TV

    2. Outdoor Adventurer Dad:
    – Camping gear (tent, sleeping bag, camping stove)
    – Hiking backpack or gear
    – Portable grill or BBQ set
    – Outdoor activity equipment (fishing gear, kayak, bike)
    – Portable hammock or camping chair

    3. Sports Fan Dad:
    – Tickets to a game or sports event
    – Jersey or merchandise of his favorite sports team
    – Golf clubs or accessories
    – Sports-themed grill tools or barware
    – Athletic shoes or workout gear

    4. DIY or Handyman Dad:
    – High-quality tools or a toolset
    – DIY project books or magazines
    – Workshop organization solutions
    – Personalized engraved hammer or toolbox
    – Home improvement gadgets (laser level, stud finder)

    5. Gourmet Foodie Dad:
    – Gourmet cooking ingredients or spices
    – BBQ or grilling accessories
    – Cooking classes or a food subscription box
    – Personalized cutting board or chef’s knife
    – Wine or whiskey tasting set

    6. Bookworm Dad:
    – Bestselling books or novels from his favorite genre
    – E-book reader or audiobook subscription
    – Bookstore gift card
    – Personalized bookmark or bookplates
    – Reading lamp or cozy reading chair

    7. Fashion-Forward Dad:
    – Stylish clothing or accessories
    – Designer watch or sunglasses
    – Personalized leather wallet or belt
    – Grooming or skincare set
    – Fashion magazine subscription

    8. Music Lover Dad:
    – Vinyl record player or a collection of his favorite albums
    – Concert tickets or music festival passes
    – Bluetooth speakers or headphones
    – Music instrument or lessons
    – Music streaming subscription

    9. Travel Enthusiast Dad:
    – Travel luggage or duffel bag
    – Travel accessories (neck pillow, portable charger)
    – Scratch-off world map or travel journal
    – Travel guidebooks or language learning resources
    – Weekend getaway or vacation package

    10. Personalized Gifts:
    – Engraved photo frame or custom photo album
    – Personalized keychain or cufflinks
    – Customized father-daughter or father-son activity or experience
    – Monogrammed bathrobe or personalized grooming set
    – Handwritten letter expressing your love and gratitude

    Remember, the best gift is one that shows thoughtfulness and aligns with your dad’s interests and hobbies. Consider his preferences and select a gift that will make him feel appreciated and loved on Father’s Day.


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