GE Cync Dynamic effects Hexagon Light Panels

Are you looking for an original and bright way to decorate a bedroom, office, or living room? You might want to consider the GE Cync Dynamic Effects Hexagon light panels! It’s a product that I wanted to try for a while, and I will share my review with you. Without revealing too much: I loved it (except the installation) … and they will never leave the wall of my studio!

What’s in the box and technical specifications

The box contains a small piece of paper with a phone number and an email address, in case you need help with this product (or any GE Cync product), the installation manual, seven 7-inch (17.78cm) panels, six connectors, a power cable to control the lighting, as well as all the hardware for installation (nine adhesive strips, small nails, two screws, orientation tool and panel removal tool).

The instructions mention an “included” leveler, but there was none in the box I received. It came directly from a best Buy store and not from the head office, as is usually the case for the products to be tested, so this had to do either with a mistake in the instructions or it was an oversight in the box. I ordered a 2nd set to check and I will update this review once I have confirmed everything.

The panels consume only 0.8 W for a light output of 200 lumens. In addition to the millions of colour combinations, you can also choose the white tone that suits you in the app (2000K to 7000K). They have a stated lifespan of 25,000 hours.

They are compatible with Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth and can also be controlled by voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Connection and setup

Read the installation guide carefully, as it contains important information. In particular, it explains that it is not necessary to connect more than one “output” cable per panel, since all panels are connected “in series” (so one after the other).

Install the Cync app on your Android or iOS device and follow the instructions to add a product to it.

Then plug the power cord into the first panel (into the socket with the arrow, which is the “input” socket. Then, to connect the next panel, simply move a connector from a numbered socket to the socket with the arrow on the next panel.

I recommend making your model on a flat surface like a table or countertop, before starting the connections, to make sure everything can be connected in series, as required.


Once everything has been plugged in and tested, it’s time to install it on your wall (after cleaning it thoroughly with the wipe provided, to ensure the best stickiness level). Note that you can use nails if, like me, your surface is not smooth. I installed it on a faux brick wall and the adhesive strips would clearly not have been enough to keep everything securely in place.

On the other hand, if the instruction booklet explains how to install with the nails, it would have been nice to have a template designed to this effect. Indeed, the templates provided are the size of the panels, but do not take into account the size of the plate to be removed for installation on the wall. In short, we are doing a little trial and error over here. I tried with a tape measure, but I had to subtract the width of a small ledge on the side of the plate and I ended up giving up because it involved too many calculations.

Also, be sure to disconnect the panels from the wall outlet… hitting a metal hammer blow on the connectors could happen so quickly! It happened to me and the panels lit up… I thought I had burnt one of them, because only the first two lit up out of the 4 that were plugged in at that time, but everything still worked afterwards.

Finally, I also had some difficulties with the connectors afterwards, since I had to disconnect everything to install the plates on the wall, then reconnect one panel at a time. Sometimes, the panel seemed to snap into place, but it was not working. Overall, it took me more than 45 minutes to install. Obviously, if you install them with the adhesive strips, it should take half the time, I think.

However, be aware that the strips may tear paint off the day you remove them from the wall. You should expect to reapply a small coat of paint in that case, especially if you are a tenant.

My test of GE Cync Dynamic Hexagon Light Panels

Once the wall installation was completed, I was able to have fun with the different chromatic configurations of the panels in the application.

You can simply start with the remote connected to the power cord to explore the possibilities, then switch to the app for more advanced modes.

My favourite mode is the one where you configure the colours “by segment”. Each panel is made up of 6 segments and you can choose a colour and brightness for each one! This provides nice colour blends and intensities. Really fun, and the result is much nicer than if you choose solid colours.

You can also use the preset animations and patterns in the app or create new ones, add some of these presets to your favourites, giving them a name.

If you wish, you can use TrueImage technology to create a mood that perfectly matches your decor by taking a photo and adjusting the colour pattern to your panel layout.

Finally, you can also use the “Music shows” mode: The panels light up to the rhythm of ambient music… or even your voice, since it captures it! Another really fun option to try absolutely.

What I liked about GE Cync Dynamic Effects Hexagonal Light panels

  • The physical remote control, which allows you to modify the configuration of the panels without going through the application
  • The MULTITUDE of patterns and colours that can be created with the panels
  • All accessories are included in the box, including the small finishing nails (but not the leveller… at least not in the box I bought)
  • The 2-year warranty on parts (obviously, in Quebec, the legal warranty may be even longer)

What I didn’t quite like

  • The installation process, especially if you choose to use the nails! Allow about 40-45 minutes… and expect a little frustration (but the final result is SO BEAUTIFUL!!)


GE Cync Dynamic Effects Hexagonal light panels are definitely a decorative accessory that I love and highly recommend to anyone who wants to add an interesting (and interactive!) effect to a room. I’m totally in love with these pretty light panels… and I might even gift them to my son to decorate his room. We appreciate them even more at this time of year when there is hardly enough outdoor light.

The basic set contains 7 panels, which is enough to create different patterns, but there are also sets with one or two light strips, as well as an extension set with 5 panels.

Please excuse me, I’m going back to enjoy changing the colours on my new panels.

Browse GE’s selection of Cync lighting and home automation products at Best Buy.


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