ge kitchen hub ces 2019

Last year, the big news for kitchen appliances was a prototype from GE. Known as the “Kitchen Hub,” it was a device with a lot of interesting potential for cooking and controlling your smart home. A few tweaks and a year later, GE has unveiled a new version of the GE Kitchen Hub that will hit store shelves this year.

What is the GE Kitchen Hub?

GE Kitchen Hub

If the kitchen is the heart of your home, the GE Kitchen Hub will be the heart of your kitchen. It’s a 27 inch touch screen display and hood vent, and it fits neatly above your range or cooktop.

GE Kitchen Hub is more than a smart appliance

Although this touchscreen can help you improve your cooking skills, find recipes, and create amazing meals, it’s also a central hub or control station for all of your smart home appliances.

With U+ Connect on the GE Kitchen Hub, you can access your smart thermostat, smart lights, and other devices. Imagine being able to turn on your oven, pause your washing machine, or dim your lights, all through one screen. You can also utilize it for entertainment streaming through services like Spotify and Youtube.

Google Assistant is built into GE Kitchen Hub

GE Kitchen Hub dual hd cameras

When you’re cooking in the kitchen, your hands are going to get dirty, and you’re going to do 10 tasks at once. Thanks to the built-in Google Assistant, your GE Kitchen Hub helps you be hands free.

You can ask Google to stream your favourite dinner playlist or flip through your calendar to see what’s on the agenda for tomorrow, all while performing other tasks. You can even watch Netflix or tap into your favourite social networks while chopping up veggies.

Dual HD Cameras let you video chat while you chop, bake, and sear

I love video chatting on my computer, so I can’t imagine how great it would be to tap the screen of the GE Kitchen Hub and connect to friends and family. You can do that thanks to the dual HD cameras that allow for live video chat, and you can also use the overhead camera to snap a foodie shot of whatever you’re cooking.

GE also announced a new alliance with Chefling. Chefling is an A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) chef built into some appliances, and now, powered by UltraConnect wireless connectivity technology, it appears he’ll be part of the latest GE smart appliances.
Chefling offers an amazing way to be more efficient and expand your cooking skills. He’ll help you decide what to make (given the groceries you already have), base recipes on whatever needs to be used before it’s not fresh anymore, and inspire you with creative cooking ideas. He can also perform actions like scan a recipe for the oven temperature and cooking time, and he’ll automatically set your GE smart appliance to create the perfect dish.
I can’t wait to see the GE Kitchen Hub on display in Best Buy. It’s definitely going to be a great addition to any kitchen. Keep an eye on kitchen and home appliances for this one to pop up soon.
Shelly Wutke
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