vosker security cam contestVosker has a unique camera technology for people looking to boost the security around their home or around their property. Unlike many other camera solutions, it does not need to be plugged into electricity or even a Wi-Fi signal. Yet, thanks to a cellular signal, you will see the photos and video it captures on your phone. That means it can be used almost anywhere. Learn more about Vosker cameras then enter for a chance to win their newest, most powerful camera yet, the Vosker v300.

What types of security cameras will work well for your home

There are many types of cameras for a huge range of security situations. Many years ago (seems like a lifetime ago), I had a side contracting job installing security solutions for very high security buildings including maximum security prisons. Those systems involved running long cables for video and power transfer, positioning cameras in areas for maximum coverage and minimum damage from vandals. Those installations took weeks to complete and often require follow up visits for tweaking the setup and for maintenance.

Fortunately, camera technology has evolved a lot since then and you can find many types of home solutions that are very reasonably priced, quick to install, and as versatile as you can imagine. You can still find systems with long cables to run for video and power transfer. Those still work great for many people and I have installed those systems within the past year. However, many home owners are opting for a simpler, and more versatile solution. A Vosker outdoor camera like the V300 we are giving away is one of those very versatile solutions. Install it outside, even if your Wi-Fi doesn’t reach and you don’t have a power supply nearby. Its battery will last for many days thanks to the integrated solar panel. You can also get a solar panel add-on so that the camera never again needs charging. The video it captures will be streamed to your phone via the integrated cellular technology.

What will you want to capture with a Vosker outdoor camera

We sent a Vosker V300 camera to Shelly for an honest review. She has a farm in a remote area—perfect for testing this kind of camera. Read her article to learn why she loved this camera. Watch her video too for examples of the clarity: she mostly captured serene cows in a field, which is kind of calming for me. I think there are really two main use cases for a camera like this: security and entertainment.

Security: the 1080p full HD video and images capture by the camera will show intruders quite clearly. Share with the authorities to give them a great chance of identifying thieves. Also the app shows the GPS coordinates of the camera. If someone tries to steal the camera you will have a good chance of finding them!

Entertainment: almost as important as security, cameras like the Vosker 300 will entertain you. My property has many different animals: deer, otter, racoons, eagles, vultures and more have been captured by security cams on my property. You might be amazed at what it captures near your home.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and your can enter in two different ways.

  1. In a comment beneath this post, tell us one security related issue you would like to capture near your home with a Vosker V300.
  2. In a comment beneath Shelly’s review article, tell us one feature that Shelly discussed that you think is the most important feature for your needs.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select two (2) winners from all eligible entries. Each winner will get a new Vosker V300 Wire-Free Outdoor 1080p HD Security Camera.

This contest runs from April 20th to May 7th.

Remember you can enter in two different ways. Contest are more fun when you share with someone you love. Be the fun person in your family who encourages everyone else to enter Best Buy contests!

Win a Vosker V300 wire-free outdoor security camera Rules and Regulations

Good Luck.

Martin Renaud
Editor in Chief
Martin loves working with the talented editors and writers on the Best Buy Blog as Editor-in-Chief. During his spare time he is either working on his next novel, cooking up a masterpiece in the kitchen, or adding some smart tech to his new home on Mayne Island in British Columbia.


  1. I was defrauded on my driveway by a person selling ‘an apple watch’. If i’d had a security camera I could have given the images to the police for them to catch him. Also concerned with car thieves and possible break ins.

  2. I would like to capture the late night porch prowler (s) who have been stealing on our street.

  3. There has been some break and enters in my neighborhood and police haven’t been able to catch up with them . This camera would be a God send for me as I live alone and I’m a senior citizen.

  4. I would like to monitor our backyard and back lane. With summer comes all the transient traffic – our area of town has a problem with break-ins and theft. Recently our garage was broken into while we were home. It would be nice to be notified if someone has come onto our property uninvited.

  5. It is very dark in the back alley where our garages are so a Vosker V300 would be great to capture any motion from animals or people – thanks for the generous contest & chance to win!!

  6. I would like the Vosker V300 to monitor our driveway at night to catch the thieves going thru vehicles

  7. Night time prowlers breaking into sheds and vehicles…would love to bust them all

  8. We live next to a set of mailboxes of our area, someone, when they retrieve their mail ,stuffs all their recyclables between the boxes or in our yard. we would like to catch the bastard!!

  9. This is so needed at my home. O,ur neighborhood is constantly being hit by persons breaking into cars, garages, porches. I’d love this for my back deck overlooking the garage, backyard & vehicles.

  10. I would definitely use the Vosker V300 to monitor my driveway as car theft has been an increasing issue in my area.

  11. I would use the Vosker V300 to see who is coming onto my porch! Scary stories about porch pirates out there.

  12. We would love to monitor our backdoor and the garage door and maybe peak at eh cats lol!!

  13. I would take it camping to check out what’s wandering around the campsite at night.

  14. I would like to monitor the security of our property, plus the street in front of our home, with a Vosker V300.

  15. I would like to monitor the driveway where our car is parked to watch for anyone trying to break into the vehicle.

  16. I want to monitor the driveway and side door. People trying our car doors

  17. I’d like to monitor the front yard and driveway to keep an eye on people coming and going for security purposes

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