VOSKER V300 and Solar Bank review

Smart cameras keep us connected to our homes and yards, but it’s always a challenge to keep eyes and ears on a location with limited or no access to Wi-Fi and power. The solution is an off-grid trail camera like the VOSKER V300. It doesn’t require electricity or access to Wi-Fi, has a Micro-SD card to capture images and video, and you can sign up for the VOSKER Cloud to access your footage via the app. To keep your camera online and fully charged, you can connect the camera to the VOSKER Universal 15000 mAh Solar Power Bank.

Here’s my look at the VOSKER V300 off-grid trail camera and the VOSKER Universal 15000 mAh Solar Power Bank.

Features of VOSKER V300 off-grid trail camera

VOSKER 300 What's in the box
  • Off-grid, wire-free security camera that connects to the 4G-LTE network
  • Can be placed anywhere as it does not require Wi-Fi or electricity
  • 1080p Full HD resolution and 90-degree ultra-wide viewing angle
  • Full colour video and night vision
  • Four high-powered LED lights light up dark conditions up to a range of 30m (100ft)
  • Motion-activated sensors capture photos, video, and audio when motion is detected
  • Vosker app wirelessly connects with the security camera through your Vosker account
  • 16GB micro-SD captures video and photos if you don’t have a connection or Vosker cloud
  • Vosker Sense AI Image Recognition identifies potential threats or security risks
  • Built-in GPS tracker so you can easily locate the device
  • Weather-resistant design stands up to rain, snow, cold, and heat
  • Built-in solar panel technology along with the 14,000mAh lithium battery ensures weeks of battery life

Features of VOSKER Universal 15000 mAh Solar Power Bank

  • Universal solar-powered panel provides power to keep your VOSKER security cameras running
  • Measures Width 25.4 cm (10 in) Height 25.4 cm (10 inches) Depth 5.08 cm (2 inches)
  • Compatible with Vosker V100, V150, V200, and V300 security cameras
  • 15,000mAh power capacity with 10W powers cameras but can also power smartphones, tablets, and more
  • A rechargeable battery pack makes sure your devices never run out of power
  • USB fasting powers up your devices quickly

Setting up VOSKER V300 and VOSKER Solar Power Bank

VOSKER Solar Panel review

The VOSKER V300 has a simple design, an easy set up process, and it doesn’t need a power outlet or Wi-Fi to use. When you open the box you’ll find a battery, micro-SD card, plug in to charge the battery, and a mount you can use for mounting the camera outside.

You’ll need to charge the battery before you use the VOSKER V300. I plugged it in and let it charge overnight. Once it was ready, I opened the door on the camera, popped in the MicroSD card, and inserted the battery. The on/off switch is inside the camera and there is a signal indicator so you can immediately see whether or not your camera is connecting to the network. If the lights are flashing the camera is looking for a network, when the lights are solid you’ll know it’s connected.

I recommend taking the camera outside and searching for the best spot with the best network connection. Once you’ve decided where that is you can close the cover on the camera and attach it to the mount.

The mount is meant to attach to wood, and it’s very easy to screw it into a tree or a fence post. Once it’s mounted you’ll be able to adjust it to suit your spot, so you can rotate it or move it left and right.

Setting up VOSKER Solar Power Bank

The VOSKER Solar Power Bank is also easy to set up and mount. I plugged it in and let it charge overnight as well, and once it had a full charge I took it outside and mounted it right next to the VOSKER V300.

As long as you mount them next to each other the power cable will reach and you can connect the camera. I found the mount a bit difficult to install as the power bank twists onto it. Given that the panel is 10 inches, you’ll need to use two hands to turn it until it’s snug.

Testing the VOSKER V300 and VOSKER Solar Power Bank

Vosker v300 image capture

Once installed, the VOSKER V300 will capture photos, video, and audio anywhere it can connect to the 4G/LTE network. It has a preactivated SIM card so it’s easy to set up and activate. I don’t have the best cell phone reception on my property but I used it for a few weeks and found it maintained a steady connection to the network. Anytime I wanted to view a live stream or I wanted to see if it captured motion at a certain time, the photos and video were always there.

After using it for a few weeks I completely recommend having the VOSKER Solar Power Bank connected to the camera at all times. While the camera itself has a rechargeable battery and a small solar panel of its own, the Solar Power Bank will keep your battery at 100%. It gives you peace of mind when the camera is in a remote location or somewhere you don’t visit every day.

Photo and video quality on VOSKER V300 off grid camera

The Vosker V300 has a 12-megapixel sensor and will record 1080p HD video. It will automatically capture photos, video, or let you view a live stream. You can download or share your photos via the VOSKER app. The image size when saved to your phone is 640 x 360.

Photos on VOSKER app

VOSKER image capture

When the VOSKER V300 detects motion, it will capture a colour photo. The photos are sharp and clear during the day, and once you download them to your phone you can zoom in on small details. Photos are also clear when night vision is turned on, but the built-in lights will create a brighter area in the center of your image. That brighter area can mean your photo is quite dark around the edges, so you lose a bit of detail. I found it was still easy to see whatever triggered motion.

Videos on VOSKER app

VOSKER app images

The app gallery stores photos’ thumbnails and you can get more detail by tapping on the thumbnail and then tapping ‘download HD video.’ It downloads a video clip of what was going on when the photo was captured.

The audio and video quality of the VOSKER V300 is amazing considering the camera streams via LTE and isn’t connected to power. It captures 1080p HD video and you can see very clear colour video of whatever your camera is pointing at. The camera has a wide field of view and can take in a lot of the surrounding area. That being said, be sure to clear the path of the camera completely. If you have branches or other obstructions in the way, the camera may focus on those and whatever you’re recording beyond that may be a bit out of focus.

Live stream on VOSKER V300

Vosker app image galleryVOSKER appVOSKER app

The VOSKER V300 has a live stream option. You can connect to the camera from anywhere and view a live stream of whatever is going on. If you want to hear audio you can tap to turn that on as well.

Depending on how strong the connection to the network is, it may take 20 to 30 seconds to start viewing a live stream. I consistently had 4 out of 5 bars for signal strength and it took about 10 seconds to open the live stream. The only catch to using live stream is that you’ll need a VOSKER cloud storage plan and Live Stream is an add-on if you don’t have the ELITE Plan. You’ll also be limited to 40 minutes of live view so you’ll have to be choosy about how long you watch it.

VOSKER Cloud Storage

There is a micro-SD card included with the VOSKER V300. When you activate the camera you also get a 7-day trial of the VOSKER Elite plan.

The camera automatically downloads footage to the micro-SD card so all of your video clips and photos will be stored there. There is no extra subscription to use micro-SD storage, so you can open up the camera and view all images using your computer.

VOSKER cloud plans for VOSKER V300

There are three tiers you can choose with VOSKER Cloud storage—Basic, Alerted, and Elite. The features you get with each plan vary, but the ELITE plan is most likely the best option for anyone who is fully off-grid and wants access to the camera via the app.

The thing to keep in mind when using this camera is that without a VOSKER plan, you won’t see any images captured in the app at all. I let my ELITE 7-day trial run out and any photos I had captured disappeared from the library. When I signed back up for the plan all photos were restored. They were still available on the microSD card. It captures photos and video so you won’t miss anything, but you also won’t have access to notifications when there is motion or VOSKER AI Tools to differentiate between a person and a vehicle.

In my opinion, the ELITE plan is worthwhile just for the app access. It gives you peace of mind when the camera is in a remote location and you don’t always have access to that area. With it placed in a remote area of my property, I really appreciated the motion notifications. When the motion was activated I paid attention, because I knew no one is supposed to be that area.

Battery life on VOSKER V300

Vosker v300 review

The VOSKER V300 has both a built-in battery and a small solar panel. I’ve been using the camera in a range of temperatures, the coldest being -6 degrees Celsius. With a full battery charge, some sunny days, and motion photo/video capture every time something moved in front of the camera, the battery percentage dropped by about 5% per day.

That’s where the VOSKER Solar Power Bank comes in. With the camera connected to the solar panel, the charge stayed at 100%. I checked it periodically and it maintained its 100% charge for the entire time I had it plugged in.

More than one use for VOSKER Solar Power Bank

If you’re using the VOSKER 300 in an off grid location, you may not have any source of power at all. In that case, the VOSKER Solar Power Bank is really useful. Not only can you keep the camera fully charged with it, but you can also use it for charging phones, tablets, or other devices.

The VOSKER Solar Power Bank has 15,000mAh power capacity with 10W of power to connect to your devices. I didn’t use it to charge my phone so I’m not sure how well it works, but as an example, a standard 15,000mAh battery can give you up to 54 hours of charge when using a USB plug. The panel also includes various charging cables so you can keep one with the solar panel to charge different types of devices.

The VOSKER Solar Power Bank also has a 1P66 weatherproof rating, so you don’t have to worry about leaving it up for the winter or in the summer heat.

Should you choose the VOSKER V300 off-grid camera and the VOSKER Solar Power Bank?

I have been really impressed with the VOSKER V300 off grid security camera. I had already reviewed the VOSKER 150 and I like how they have simplified the design to integrate the SIM card so you don’t have to install it yourself. I also like the live-streaming option on the app so you can just tap to check in and see what’s going on.

The photo and video quality of the camera are outstanding during the day. The images are crisp and clear. Because the camera has four lights to brighten low light, night vision can be a bit blurry around the edges, but I never had an issue seeing what triggered motion.

I’m really impressed with how far trail cameras have come over the past few years, and I definitely recommend the VOSKER V300 and VOSKER Solar Power Bank for anyone who would like a reliable off-grid security camera system. You can find both VOSKER devices from this review at Best Buy right now.

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  1. I really like the built-in solar panel technology along with the 14,000mAh lithium battery that ensures weeks of battery life, using a cleaner source of energy whilst the battery can be used to charge other devices when needed as well.

  2. I think that the most important feature for my needs is that the camera is the night vision!

  3. Motion-activated sensors capture photos, video, and audio when motion is detected is my favourite feature.

  4. I really like the full colour video and night vision – it would be great to be able to see what’s going on on our property after the sun goes down.

  5. I like the solar charging and the night vision and these are the most important features to me

  6. The feature I like is that it can be placed anywhere as it does not require Wi-Fi or electricity.

  7. Full colour video and night vision is very important – thanks for the generous contest & chance to win!!

  8. Off grid is 50 steps from my home by the river and wildlife. The VOSKER would have a great view.

  9. The most important feature for me is that it does not require Wi-Fi or electricity

  10. To keep your camera online and fully charged, you can connect the camera to the VOSKER Universal 15000 mAh Solar Power Bank.

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