If there’s one thing in my holiday wishlist I think could be benefit me the most, it would be the Lockly smart locks. It’s been on my list since I saw one installed at my family’s place. Security is the number one reason why I’d like one installed at my door; I’d like to make sure my home is safe especially when I’m not around. But I also think having one could solve a few silly situations I experience at times once I get out of my door. Read on as I share my experiences and enter for a chance to win the Lockly Vision Bluetooth and Wi-Fi smart lock with video doorbell or the Lockly Secure Pro Fingerprint Wi-Fi deadbolt smart lock.

Why Lockly smart locks?

Life can be busy—and so much more this holiday season. There’s trying to check off the gift list, going out for a few of parties, and hosting family and friends. For me it’s a fun season to spend quality time with the people I love, and the last thing I need is worrying about an unlocked door. Well, we can start from there.

Did I lock the door?

Frankly it bothers me quite a lot if I can’t remember whether I locked my door or not. When that happens, I would have no choice but to return to my apartment to give my door a check. Routine tasks like locking the door rely on muscle memory. You just do it, without thinking much about it, and that’s why it’s easy to forget.

Lockly comes with an auto-lock feature which you can set, so you know after you leave your home, the door will be locked automatically. You also never have to be worried about getting locked out. It’s easy to unlock the Lockly smart locks and you can do it in many ways, which I talk about next.

I lost my keys

There’s a reason why I’ve placed a key bowl close to my door. (And I know many households do.) Doing so is a smart way to remind myself to pick up my set of keys before going out, so I don’t get locked out. It also reminds me to put the keys back as soon as I get home. Having only one place to keep your door keys helps a lot. Once I was ready to leave my apartment and found that my keys were missing on the bowl. So I had to turn my place upside down to find them, not realizing they were in a pocket of the jacket I used a couple of days back. It’s a hassle.

There are several ways to unlock your door when it has a Lockly smart lock. You can use the Lockly app on your phone (you never leave home without that!), as well as the fingerprint reader. You can also enter an access code onto the screen; set that code using the app, and change it as you please. With a deadbolt feature, the Lockly Vision and Lockly Secure Pro allow you lock and unlock your door using a key if you prefer to keep one with you. Now, there’s no reason for you to get locked out of your own door.

Wait, I’ll be home in 10 minutes

I welcome many family and friends to my home, though there are some unfortunate times I’m not there to open the door for them. Recently, I hosted a dinner get-together with my friends, when at the last minute I had to run quickly to the liquor store for wine. All of a sudden, my friends showed up at my door earlier than expected, so they ended up having to wait for me for a bit.

Through the Lockly app, the Lockly smart locks let you set and give away temporary or one-time access codes for your guests. This is a great feature if you own a rental unit, or if you’re frequently away from home, so if you’re expecting some guests you don’t have to let them wait for you in the cold. The Lockly app also keeps track of the entries and exits. You can check a daily timeline of when your door was auto-locked, unlocked manually, or by touch screen.

The best thing about these smart locks is that they are easy to install; each part has instructional stickers to guide you from first step to last. Shelly wrote a review of the Lockly Vision and Lockly Secure Pro, where she shared her experience installing one of the smart locks at her own home.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy and you can enter in two ways:

  1. Tell us in a comment below how the Lockly Vision or the Lockly Secure Pro would help you these holidays.
  2. Tell us by writing a comment on Shelly’s review page one feature of the Lockly Vision or the Lockly Secure Pro that would benefit you the most.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we’ll randomly select two (2) winners from all eligible entries. One winner will receive the Lockly Vision and the other winner the Lockly Secure Pro.

This contest runs from Dec 15th to Dec 29th.

Remember you can enter this contest in two ways. If you know some people who can also benefit from the Lockly smart locks, share this contest to them. It’s a nice way of saying you’re thinking of them this holiday season.

Win a Lockly smart lock Contest Rules and Regulations


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  1. I am happy to announce the winner(s) of the Lockly smart locks:

    Tara B – Red Deer, AB
    Eric S – Saskatoon, SK

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  3. I would love to have the autolock feature, but having the ability to give guests a temporary access code would be useful when my family comes to visit.

  4. The temporary or one-time access codes would help me over these holidays by allowing my guests to move freely in and out of the house while being able to keep it secure!

  5. Lockly Vision would definitely come in handy when I’m busy cooking, doing meal prep or cleaning without having to drop everything that I’m working on to answer the door. I can simply utilize the mobile app to find out who’s at the door before I answer it. On the other hand, I can provide one-time codes to trusted friends and relatives when they’re staying overnight over the holidays.

  6. This would be incredibly useful during the holidays so I could send a family member to my house to pick something up, and unlock the door remotely for them when they arrived.

  7. I like the LOCKLY Vision with a 2-way audio and 720p HD video, you can easily communicate to visitors at the door. We live in a busy downtown core so this is a must have.

  8. The the Lockly Secure Pro would help me during the holidays by providing an extra layer of security for my home, allowing me to remotely lock and unlock my doors.

  9. This would be perfect for my 86 year old mother who lives at home alone. She has mobility issues and sometimes can’t make it to the door. Also handy if EMS need to get in fast!

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