The versatility of the Harmony Home Hub is something to be admired. Any tech that makes a ton of other tech work better, easier, faster, and more conveniently is tops in my book. That’s what you get with the Harmony Home Hub. With just one of these in your home, most of the home theatre and smart home tech in your home will suddenly become more … useful! Enter this contest and you may actually win one from Best Buy.

Logitech remote controls have continuously raised the bar for home control devices

It’s not fair to call Logitech remotes “universal” since that term has been applied to many devices that do so much less than Harmony devices. Should we coin a new term; something like “super-universal” perhaps. No, I think we can all agree that the name Harmony really does say it all.

What do you want to control with a Harmony Home Hub? The options are quite amazing. Your television of course would be great. You could put all of those remotes sitting on your coffee table away in that drawer with the black hole in it, where things get forgotten. You won’t need them anymore. That Hamony Home Hub enables you to control your television, your stereo receiver, your Apple TV and, well over 200 different devices actually.

Make your home smarter with Harmony Home Hub

My home is pretty smart. I have a few security cameras and several smart plugs that control lights and the water pump on my garden pond. However, one aspect of this setup is not very smart. Each brand of smart home tech requires it’s own app to control it. That’s the kind of silliness that can drive a man crazy.

Harmony Home Hubs can actually simplify this situation and deliver smart home sanity! I think this kind of tech really will make life better. Configure the one Harmony app to control all of these devices, and suddenly you approach the level of home control and simplicity we expect in the digital age. Here’s how to enter for your chance to win this amazing device.


Entering this contest is really easy but you can only enter once. In a comment below this article, tell us which device in your home are you most looking forward to controlling using the Harmony Home Hub instead of with a remote control or a proprietary phone app.


At the end of this contest we will draw two (2) winners from all eligible entries. Each winner will receive a Harmony Home Hub.

This contest runs from July 4th until July 17th.

Remember you can only enter once by leaving a comment below. However, tell you friends so they too have a chance to win this amazing, life changing technology.

Good Luck!

Win a Harmony Home Hub Contest Rules and Regulations

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  1. i cant wait to connect Harmony to my Google home so that i can control my thermostat, home entertainment products, and lights to create the perfect movie home theater atmosphere just by saying “LETS WATCH A MOVIE !’

  2. I would live to have 1 device control my home theatre. I wrote a paper on home automation in high school and would love to see just how much this device could control.

  3. My Television, DVD/VHS Recorder, Android Box, AV System, Blu_Ray player, Hue lighting, coffee maker! If possible.. cat, dogs and parrot!

  4. looking forward to it controlling the home theatre, as well as the zwave enabled light swtiches.
    click, and boom, tv on, sound system on, lights dimmed, blinds down, and beer poured.

  5. I would love to have this to control my multiple tv’s, stereo equipment and different sources.

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