Belkin didn’t make the kind of splash it’s done before at CES, but the few products the company announced could solve real problems at home.

The first is a new Wemo 3-way smart switch that finally addresses a particular need in many homes looking to get smart. Until now, Wemo smart switches couldn’t work with 3-way lights, where two different switches could control the same light. Now they can.

The switch resembles other Wemo smart light switches, so the aesthetics aren’t that different. What’s key is that you only need to install one of these to replace one of the switches controlling the light. For instance, if you had two switches controlling the same light at two ends of a staircase, you would only need to put this in one of them. Not only that, but if one of those is part of a two or three-part panel, you only need to install the main smart switch itself, not the panel cover that comes with it (which is only for single switches).

Belkin also confirmed it will work with Apple’s HomeKit, to go along with the integration already possible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. The single smart switch and light dimmer will also now work with HomeKit. That means you won’t need to use the Wemo Bridge to make them work together.


Newer cables

If you’re in need of connecting Apple’s Lightning to USB-C, Belkin has new cables coming to do just that. They will come in rubberized or braided fabric, with leather straps to help keep them tidy and organized. The fabric one, in particular, won’t tangle like cables often do.

Belkin says these cables are also tough and capable of withstanding some punishment. I haven’t had the chance to try one, so I can’t verify any of that. But, no doubt, these were nice cables that could solve any Lightning-to-USB-C connectivity issues you might have. Other cables Belkin showed will include Quick Charge 4.0 technology for faster charging with compatible smartphones and tablets.


Rockstar headphones

While not known for rocking headphones, Belkin is nonetheless releasing wired earbuds it’s calling Rockstar. Rather than offer anything with a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack, they will come specifically with Lightning and USB-C connectors instead. This way, you won’t have to use an adapter to listen to music, especially on handsets lacking a headphone jack.

Looking for all these products to come in the spring and summer. For more from Belkin, check them out here.

Ted Kritsonis
Editor Cellular/Mobile Technology
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