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I don’t know about you, but I’m no stranger to online shopping. I love the convenience of being able to browse through different stores, comparison shop, and make purchases all from the comfort of my own home. What’s not convenient though is actually receiving the products I order. I work weekdays, so am rarely home to receive deliveries, and I just don’t like the idea of the delivery person leaving my packages out in the open so they are free game for thieves.

So inevitably, I either have to stay home to accept deliveries as they are scheduled, which simply isn’t an option; schedule them for a day when I am already home, which can result in big delays; or wait until my packages have made their way back to the local post office after a certain number of failed delivery attempts, when I can pick them up after hours or on the weekend.

What’s the solution? The August Smart Lock.


Answer your door from anywhere with August Smart Lock

open door from anywhere with august lockThe August Smart Lock is a battery-operated device that replaces the interior side of a standard deadbolt and connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet. With it, you can control your front door no matter where you are, any time of the day or night.

Once installed, through the August App, you can set who has access to your home and for how long. Better yet, you can actually see and speak with delivery people as they reach your front door from wherever you are. Then you can unlock the door for them so they can place your packages safely inside your home. When they are done, you can simply remotely lock the door behind them, all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet.

control august lock on smartphoneThink about that! That means no more missed deliveries or fretting over whether or not someone will scoop up your precious new purchases as they sit on your doorstep waiting for you to come home. The August Lock is like a front door bouncer for deliveries!


Even more convenience with August Smart Lock

door opens automatically with august smart lockWhile being able to see who is at your front door and unlock it remotely via your smartphone is ideal for keeping your deliveries safe, the August Smart Lock’s capabilities don’t end there. With it, you can also choose to grant access to your home for a set period of time, be that a few minutes, a few hours or even on specific dates, making it ideal for managing trusted visitors like cleaners and dog walkers. You can track when they come and go with a 24/7 activity log, and feel secure in the fact that you don’t have multiple sets of your house keys floating around.


Additional peace of mind with the August Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera

August Video Doorbell If you’re the type of person who really likes to hedge their bets when it comes to home security (and let’s be honest … if you like having the latest and greatest in smart home technology), the August Wi-Fi Video Doorbell Camera might be right up your alley. Not only does it integrate seamlessly with the August Smart Lock, but it works in harmony with a number of other smart home brands to truly make your home, and your life, more secure.

With the August Wi-Fi Video Doorbell, you’ll get real-time alerts on your phone whenever someone approaches your doorstep, regardless of whether or not you are at home. It also lets you see visitors in full-colour HD video, even at night. Use it to keep tabs on your home, to welcome friends and family with two-way audio, or tell unwanted visitors to skedaddle. Plus, when combined with the August Smart Lock, you can let visitors in remotely.

Perhaps best of all is the August Video Doorbell Camera’s Hindsight™ feature, which constantly monitors your doorway and captures the moment leading up to a motion alert. Why is this such a great feature? Well, the aggravating thing about many other motion detectors is that once the motion triggers the camera to record, the movement that caused the trigger may be long gone. With Hindsight™ you get the whole story, and can access the last 24 hours of video for no charge. Or, for about $5 you can opt for the Premium subscription program that stores your videos for 30 days.


The August Smart Lock is also great for those of us who misplace their keys from time to time. With its auto-unlock feature enabled, the August lock will open automatically once you leave and then come back within 100 yards, so you don’t need to fumble for your keys.

In a nutshell, the August Smart Lock is an ideal solution for keeping your deliveries safe, and an eye on who comes in and out of your home. For more information, check out fellow Best Buy blogger Shelly Wutke’s recent review.


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