If you enjoy stylish furnishings that are rife with useful features, then you’re sure to be interested in the all new Sobro Smart Coffee Table with Refrigerated Drawer—a Kickstarter success story that’s now available at Best Buy! Aside from its fairly large fridge drawer (capable of holding up to 32 cans of “pop”), this smart coffee table has a number of other great features that you’d simply never expect to see in a coffee table. Read on to learn all about the fun and useful features of this amazing new table, and to see if there’s one that’ll fit into your own living room décor.


Sobro Coffee Table: Style & Colours

The Sobro Coffee Table comes in 3 different colours to ensure a perfect visual match in virtually any living room. There are white, black, and wood colour options for you to choose among, and they all look great. For most people, either the black or white models are sure to go well with just about anything. The wood option may be a bit more difficult to match to other furniture in your home, but judging from the image below, I’m sure you’ll be able to figure it out—it’s absolutely beautiful!

Sobro’s Great Features

Among the many cool features of the Sobro Smart Coffee Table are the aforementioned refrigerator drawer, dual built-in Bluetooth speakers, LED lights (located on the underside of the table), and a number of different power outlets (including 2 USB charging ports and 4 standard 110V outlets). There’s also a touchscreen control panel built directly into the tempered glass top, giving you easy access and complete control over the table’s many functions.

With the Sobro’s Bluetooth speakers, you’ll be able to add a musical background to all of your future gatherings and parties, or sit back and watch your favourite TV shows and movies while piping the sound directly through your table. The Sobro’s LED lighting is another ambiance adder that’s sure to enhance the atmosphere of your next hosted party. Set the mood for any and all occasions simply by adjusting your lights.

Equally cool is the fact that you can now charge all of your USB powered devices, as well as plug in your lava lamp, stereo, or anything else that happens to be handy and uses a standard wall outlet. And just imagine all of the tempting drinks and snacks you can stuff into that huge refrigerator drawer. It even has precision temperature controls, allowing you to set the ideal temperature range for all of that great food. It seems that these Sobro folks have thought of absolutely everything!


Sobro’s Dimensions

The Sobro Coffee Table’s dimensions (in inches) can be seen in the above diagram. If you prefer to hear them in cms, the length (or longest side) is 109.6, the width (or depth) is 58, and the height is 44.5. Included within all that space is also some useful storage. These drawers are great for storing snacks, remote controls, books & magazines, and pretty much anything else you want to get out of sight or out of the way. All up, the Sobro Coffee Table is every bit as smart as one might expect a fine piece of furniture to be.

To check out Best Buy’s complete selection of these amazing coffee tables, visit their Smart Décor & Furniture page and let us know what you think of this product in the comments section below. Thanks for stopping by!


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  1. Impressive! I really love the look of this coffee table. Although I don’t personally have a need for a mini-fridge, I can see where it would be handy in social situations. I hope this company can make a tv stand/entertainment unit in the future with all the bells and whistles of this table.

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