[Editor’s Note: Amazon made a more recent announcement of their new lineup of products on September 2019; you can find that announcement here.]

This morning in Seattle, WA, Amazon made a major announcement regarding a number of exciting new items that will either compliment or enhance its existing suite of smart home products, such as the popular Amazon Echo (featuring the Alexa voice assistant). Many of these new products will soon make their way to Best Buy, and that’s sure to pique the interest of smart home enthusiasts everywhere. In today’s blog, we’ve got some juicy details and exciting information about the amazing new products that are coming, so read on to learn all about them!


Amazon Makes Major Announcement

All New Echo Dot

One of the most popular voice assistants there is, period, the Amazon Echo Dot is receiving an all new upgrade wth enhanced sound capabilities (as in it will be both louder and clearer) and a fresh new design. Not only will this new edition of the Dot be more industrial looking, but it will also come in multiple colour schemes, including charcoal, sandstone, and heather grey. And, of course, it will have all of the great capabilities that Alexa has come to be known for.

New Echo Plus

Amazon is also giving us an all new Echo Plus . This unit will have improved (cleaner) sound, including enhanced bass, and some other interesting features as well, like its built-in Zigbee hub, meaning that no separate smart home hub is necessary. What’s more, you’ll actually be able to control your other smart home devices with the Echo Plus even when the Wi-Fi is down—that’s amazing! And, once again, there’s an all new design featuring 3 different colour variations: charcoal, sandstone, and heather grey. There’ll even be a built-in temperature sensor in the unit. Very cool!

New Echo Show

Possibly the most exciting news of all pertains to the new Echo Show, which features a 10-inch High Definition display screen, premium dual side-firing speakers with Dolby processing, and an 8 microphone array. This device is sure to please with its unique combination of capabilities, including working with apps and programs such as Hulu Live TV, Vevo (for music lovers), and Skype video calling, just to name a few. The Echo Show also offers compatibility with multiple web browsers and comes in 2 attractive colour options: charcoal and sandstone.

New Amazon Smart Plug

There’s even an Alexa smart plug on the way that will automatically synch with your existing Echo device. This means that now you’ll be able to control your electronic devices that are not yet smart themselves using Alexa. For example, if you have an antique lamp that you just couldn’t bear to part with, simply plug it into the Alexa plug and you’ll be able to control it just as if it were any smart device. This new plug is sure to come in handy!


All in all, Amazon’s announcements today reveal that we are certainly living in exciting times when it comes to smart home advancements. Be sure to keep an eye out at Best Buy Canada for further details and arrival dates for these new and exciting smart home products from Amazon.

Note: Product photos courtesy Amazon


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