This morning Amazon released a significant amount of information regarding several new products, some of which will be coming very soon to Best Buy. Of particular interest to us are the various new versions of the Amazon Echo. In fact, the entire Echo range has been completely re-imagined. However, there’s a whole lot of other cool stuff coming as well—everything from a new Ring security camera that flies around your home to Fire TV and even equipment for gaming. Join me below as I sift through some of the key pieces and let you in on a few of their most pertinent and interesting details.


New Amazon Echo Devices

AmazonThe new Amazon Echo looks like something right out of a futuristic space show. It now has a spherical design that’s intended to enhance its audio quality. The audio is further bolstered by dual-firing tweeters, a 3 inch woofer, and Dolby processing. It can even sense the acoustic quality of the room it’s in to further enhance the sound quality.

Amazon’s new version of the Echo also has its own built-in smart hub that can support features like Bluetooth, Zigbee, Amazon Sidewalk, and Bluetooth Low Energy. And of course, the Echo can do all of the amazing things that have been made popular in previous versions. Not the least of which is giving users access to the always helpful assistant, Alexa.



There are also new versions of the Echo Dot ( a new Echo Dot and an Echo Dot with clock) and the Echo Show 10. New features here include the Echo Show 10 giving you the ability to watch Netflix right on the device itself (photo at the top of the article), and the new Echo Dot even has fun kids’ designs: tiger and panda. We’ll have to wait and see when these will come to Canada for our kids to enjoy very cool experiences that were designed just for them.


Fire TV & Fire TV Stick

If you like entertainment in the form of TV and movies, Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are sure to be of interest to you. A very popular pair of products, they’re now more customized and personalized than ever. Featuring a new, simplified menu and the ability to hold up to 6 individual user profiles, this new version of Fire TV is the biggest and best to date. Just tell Alexa what you want to watch, sit back, relax, and enjoy!

As for the Fire TV Stick, well this thing helps you to enjoy your favourite viewing by allowing you to control your TV, sound bar, and AV equipment in a way that simply couldn’t be easier. Not only is its enhanced processor 50% more powerful than that of the previous version, but this little remote features HDR compatibility and Dolby Atmos support as well. It allows you to enjoy full-HD streaming at your leisure. Amazon cites previous versions of the Fire TV Stick as being among their best selling products ever, and that’s really no surprise.

New products from Ring

Another really interesting reveal is the all new Ring Always Home Cam. Believe it or not, this smart home security camera actually flies about your home conducting surveillance at predetermined locations that you have selected and programmed. It only records while in flight (for privacy), and it provides you with multiple views of your home all in one camera. It’s truly one of the most fascinating products to come along in a while.

Ring also has both a new Ring Car Cam and a Ring Car Alarm. The Car Cam is a full-featured product that’s meant to protect you and your vehicle in pretty much any scenario. It’s got dual-facing HD cameras that allow you to check in on your car from wherever you may be, and it even has a cool feature called Traffic Stop that records you if you’re ever pulled over by the police. Simply say ‘Alexa, I’m being pulled over’ and the recording will begin. An optional connectivity plan allows for even more useful features.

The Ring Car Alarm, alternatively, monitors you vehicle for things like break-ins, tow-aways, impacts, and more. If anything out of the ordinary is detected, you will be notified right away via a special alert, thus allowing you to check on the situation immediately.


Eero 6 & Eero Pro 6


Wi-Fi strength in the modern home is ever more in demand. For just this scenario, Amazon brings us a pair of dual-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 routers in the form of the Eero 6 and the Eero Pro 6. These routers provide enhanced speed and performance for our home Wi-Fi networks that’s ideal for Internet connections reaching up to 500 Mbps, so we can easily run a variety of connected devices all at once without lag or other Internet difficulties.

Both devices have ethernet ports and the Zigbee smart home hub built right in, and both are compatible with your existing Eero devices, meaning you can easily upgrade or expand your existing Eero system at any time. If you do a lot of streaming in your home (Netflix, YouTube, etc.), or you partake in online gaming, video calling, or other Internet intensive activities, Eero will allow you to optimize your online connection and make everything run more smoothly.


Luna Cloud Gaming & Luna Controller

Amazon has even announced a new gaming system called Luna Cloud Gaming. Unfortunately, this one is currently only slated to be available in the United States, but that could certainly change later on (always stay tuned to the Best Buy Blog just in case developments take place). For now it’s worth noting that this is a new way to play games with and against other users on the popular live video game streaming service, Twitch.

The Luna Controller is basically the easy-to-use access point to this gaming system that uses Cloud Direct technology for faster connections and a more straightforward user experience. The controller connects directly to the could and has enhanced features like the ability to seamlessly switch screens as you play, among others. To learn the latest about Luna as details come in, visit this article by Jon Scarr; he’ll keep updating it as we learn more about this exciting gaming service.


As you can see, Amazon certainly has a lot of really cool stuff on the way for your smart home. In fact, there’s so much info coming out today that I’m still sifting through all the details of these new Amazon products to try and figure everything out. As such I will continue to add to/update this report if I learn anything particularly juicy or interesting as the day goes on. In the mean time you can keep reading the blog or check out Best Buy’s complete range of smart home products and devices over at the Best Buy Canada website.

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  1. Not sure I like the idea of a camera that can fly around my house. I’ll wait until some security experts analyze them. Also I imagine my dog would destroy the house chasing a flying camera. The Fire TV sticks look good though.

  2. That Ring Always Home Cam sounds really cool. Although not sure I would trust myself to set it up. But anything that adds to my home security is a good thing.

  3. I like the cute animal echosv& the improved Ring. I like that it flies around & check places. Also a good way to spy on your pets lol

  4. Might try the Eero Pro to replace my Google Wifi 1st generation that has a hard time keepong up with all the connected devices we have. When will BB have the in stock?

  5. I like the Ring Always Home Cam – very useful. The car cam sounds great too, but the home one would be of greater utility to me. I would love a “don’t worry you closed the garage doors” setting.

  6. i like the alexa for kids, this way they can ask alexis stuff that i probably dont know, im hoping its safe, that they can ask kids stuff only. that would be great

  7. I think the Amazon’s Fire TV and Fire TV Stick are very cool. Too bad that the Luna Cloud Gaming and controller are not coming to Canada, we need more fun!

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