Roidmi X30 flat on the floorCordless stick vacuums have some great features and benefits that make daily vacuuming a breeze. They are typically lightweight, easy to use, and don’t take up a lot of storage space. Today I’m taking a look at the new Roidmi X30 Pro Cordless Vacuum.

Inside the box

Roidmi X30 inside the boxThere’s a lot to be discovered inside the box of the Roidmi X30 Pro. There’s the vacuum itself with a bagless dust cup as well as the metal extension wand and main electric brush head. You’ll also find a mattress brush, extension hose with a pet brush, a crevice tool with a soft brush attachment, the mop water tank module with two mop pads, a magnetic wall-mounted charging dock with a power adapter, a cleaning brush, a spare HEPA and water tank filter, and the instruction manual. There’s also a gift: a high efficiency and capacity filter, that’s three filters total included with the Roidmi X30 Pro.

Features and specifications of the Roidmi X30 Pro

  • Powerful 120K RPM digital brushless motor
  • 8- parallel cyclones air dust separation
  • Colourful OLED screen
  • BMS-X 2.0 battery system
  • 8 LG/Samsung power lithium batteries
  • 70 minutes of run time
  • Bagless
  • HEPA filtration
  • Headlights
  • Downloadable Roidmi App

Testing out the Roidmi X30 Pro

Roidmi X30 chargingBefore a first use, it’s important to fully charge the Roidmi X30 Pro, which takes approximately 2.5 hours. While it was charging, I unpacked all the included accessories and read through the instruction manual. I was curious to find out how the mop feature worked alongside the vacuum. Next, I downloaded the Roidmi app by scanning the QR code included in the instruction manual. I followed the prompts and successfully connected to the X30 Pro with no issues.

Once fully charged, I connected the metal extension wand and main electric vacuum head and powered on. The vacuum turns on in Eco mode and right away I noticed how quiet it was. I vacuumed my hardwood and tiles with no problem and then moved over to my area rug. Because I have pets, I need to vacuum my rug daily. On the Eco mode setting, I had to go over the same area multiple times to suck up all the dirt and hair, so I tried the Standard and Boost mode and found I was able to vacuum all the dirt and hair with one pass over on both modes.

Roidmi X30 pro attachmentsI then tried the crevice tool by connecting it directly to the vacuum with no extension hose as I find it easier to manoeuvre into tight spaces and corners. The suction power on the Eco mode was plenty strong enough to remove all dust and debris. The crevice tool was also great at getting into the cracks between the couch cushions. Next up, I tried the small roller head or mattress brush as they call it on my couch. Again, the suction was great on the Eco mode, but the Standard and Boost options are perfect for more heavily trafficked or soiled areas.

Seeing as we have a very patient and very fluffy ragdoll cat named Cotton, I figured he was the perfect model for the pet brush and extension hose accessory. The extension hose connects right onto the brush on one end and the vacuum on the other end. To use this feature, simply power on the vacuum and start brushing your pet with the attached pet brush. On Eco mode, the noise from the vacuum didn’t seem to bother my cat Cotton but I have a feeling the Standard and Boost option would be much too noisy for his ears.

Roidmi X30 dust cup and cycloneLast of all, I tested out the mop option. I filled the water tank and put on the mop pad. It was easy to connect as it’s magnetic and connects right behind the electric brush head. This feature doesn’t have any spray controls for the water, it slowly releases water as you vacuum/mop.  Because it both vacuums and mops at the same time, I wouldn’t recommend it for large spills or messes.

The dust cup is easy to remove by pushing the grey button located under it. Then, to release the dirt from the cup, push the orange button to release the bottom door. It has quite a spring to it so be sure to hold it over a garbage can. If you have pets, you’ll also need to remove the filter and cyclone to remove any stuck hair or debris, but this was also easy to do. Simply lift out the top filter and then holding both the dust cup and the cyclone, give it a gentle twist to unlock and separate them. Both the cyclone and dust cup can be rinsed with warm water, just ensure they are fully dry (24 hours is recommended) before re-inserting them back into the vacuum.

After trying out all the vacuum and mop features and accessories, I opened the Roidmi app to see what options it had. It shows your current battery power and time length left as well as your filter usage. You can also make some adjustments to the screen display and brightness.

Final thoughts on the Roidmi X30 Pro

Roidmi X30 with AppWhat I really liked about the Roidmi X30 Pro was how quiet it ran on Eco mode. It cleaned most of my flooring well on this mode and I was able to run the vacuum while both my sons were sleeping, and they didn’t wake up. The accessory options are amazing, I can’t think of anything else I would have liked to have included with this vacuum. I cleaned my tiles, hardwood floors, carpet, stairs, in crevices, and on my furniture with ease.

The design and brushed silver colour are sleek and stylish, and it stores easily in tight spaces so long as there’s an outlet nearby for charging. It is top heavy so if you’re not using the magnetic charging dock, make sure it’s not somewhere where it will easily fall over.

One of the cool features of the Roidmi app is the option to see your cumulative cleaning time. It also converts this to show you the equivalent in kilometres traveled and calories burned. You can also view your calories burned right on the vacuum’s digital screen.

You can find the Roidmi X30 Pro at Best Buy online.

Lindsey Reed
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  1. I really like the 70 minute run time. With 2 sets of stairs and 2 Maine Coon cats, I am constantly vacuuming and I have tried other cordless vacs but the run out of run time before I can get halfway through the house.

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