Sony is adding a new mirrorless camera with an APS-C size sensor in the a6700, which may be a step up from some of its other similar models. For the most part, the a6700 is a direct successor to the previous a6000 series cameras, a few of which have come to market since the a6000 itself did in 2014.

For a company that’s focused a lot lately on full-frame and vlogger-friendly cameras, the a6700 arguably sits somewhere in between. Its APS-C sensor already doesn’t make it full-frame, while it also offers features and performance not always available on other comparable cameras in Sony’s lineup.

What the Sony a6700 can do

The a6700 is very similar in size and weight to the previous a6600, though it makes one big concession on the body with an articulating rear LCD screen that makes selfies and vlogging much easier. It also recognizes more touch points, meaning you can navigate menu options onscreen, rather than only tap to focus like in the previous model. And if that weren’t enough, it’s brighter than the a6600 and with a wider field of view.

There’s a new front dial by the grip—which is a tad wider itself—for quicker settings changes. This also shifts the UHS-II memory card slot over to the other side of the body, allowing for a larger battery in this one. Not to mention that you can charge that battery via the USB-C port instead of the microUSB port of the previous a6600. The video record button is now up top, making it more convenient to get to with your index finger.

Sony also made changes inside, particularly with the 26-megapixel CMOS sensor first introduced in the FX30. Faster and better suited to both still photography and video, the a6700 can capture 4K video at up to 120fps. For stills, this is the first Sony APS-C camera that supports lossless compressed RAW shooting as an option.

AI features change how you shoot

One of the biggest feature additions comes with the AI-assisted autofocus Sony brought over from other cameras. Now, not only can the a6700 recognize eyes, faces and bodies, but also switch between them seamlessly. The same goes for animals, where the camera will know the difference between a dog and insect, adjusting focus for either one as necessary.

Real-time tracking applies for both stills and video, ensuring you get a sharp and clear subject. Much like some of those other cameras, this one can track people, animals or vehicles moving. The speed of the lens you’re using may factor in, though the a6700 also retains the same level of in-body image stabilization from its predecessor. Burst shooting is limited to a max of 11fps but you can still get away with using the camera for fast action if set up right.

The good news is the same auto-framing feature seen in the ZV-E1 is available here, so if you’re a vlogger working alone, you can simulate camera movement in cool ways. Plus, the image sensor gives you more resolution to work with.

Coming soon

The Sony a6700 brings back some attention to Sony’s APS-C lineup, which is small and versatile. If you want more features and functions than a ZV camera, yet a smaller body than the full-frame shooters, this might be the right mix.

The Sony a6700 is available for pre-order at Best Buy, body-only, bundled with a 16-50mm kit lens or bundled with a 18-135mm kit lens.

Ted Kritsonis
Editor Cellular/Mobile Technology
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  1. I wanted to preorder one but it’s shipping only and I will be travelling until the first week of August. Do you anticipate them being available in store around the same time they would start shipping?

    • Hi, the camera or lens kits will not be available on August 3rd in store. At the moment we do not have a specific date when they will be available in store, but it is estimated that it will be near the end of August.

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