How often do you leave your mobile phone at home when you go out? My guess is never. Though you might become preoccupied with all the things you need to do and accidentally forget it, chances are you’d return to pick it up. Since your cell phone is such an extension of yourself, why not give it an outfit? Let’s look at some fashionable cases for the iPhone and Android.

LuMee CaseLumee: I was excited to hear that Best Buy is selling the Lumee case. Thanks to the Kardashian family, this has been a hot seller. The Lumee is a hard-shell case that includes a line of embedded LEDs to give great lighting for your selfies, video chats, or Snapchat. By covering the flaws, the lighting makes Kim’s selfies (and yours) look great. Don’t worry, it won’t drain your phone battery since it is powered independently. Lumee is available for both the iPhone and Android.

Fashion designers like Kate Spade and Rebecca Minkoff have entered the mobile phone accessories market. Much like the fragrance industry, it’s a profitable business. That being said, these designers have a keen sense of pattern and colour.

Kate Spade Case RosesRose by Kate Spade New York is like your phone is giving you a bouquet of flowers. How nice! Red and pink roses have really good, vibrant energy, which is why I love this case. It offers a fitted hard shell with an easy-to-use removable rubberized bumper. This one is for the iPhone only, but there’s a huge selection of Kate Spade cases for Android phones as well.

Rebecca Minkoff Kaleidscope Kaleidoscope by Rebecca Minkoff is a fitted soft-shell case with a fun, funky design. You’ll get lots of compliments on it because it looks cool. It’s less elegant and more youthful—and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Another piece I like from Rebecca Minkoff is this leather wristlet. Before you roll your eyes at me for getting a wristlet for my phone, hear me out. Since moving to Toronto, I’ve carried a backpack instead of a purse. But I need a designated place for my phone that isn’t in a backpack filled with stuff. Since I use my phone a lot while I commute, whether it’s listening to a podcast, calling my mom, or swiping left on a dating app, a wristlet ensures that it’s present and easily accessible. I believe it also prevents me from misplacing my phone at a store because it’s conveniently wrapped around my wrist.

VRS Design High Pro ShieldFor Samsung S7 users, I’ve got a case for you: the VRS Design High Pro Shield.  It’s sleek with a nice gold rim around a hard black shell. Black and gold is always a sexy combination.

Exian Galaxy S6 Edge PlusThis Exian Fitted soft-shell case gives off some great nature vibes. I think wood patterns are clean, simple and elegant. Another good thing about this case is that it offers two screen protectors. This is boss because no one wants to scratch their phone screen.

Which case do you find fashionable? If you have a better recommendation, please comment below.



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