I’m going to have to pay Korg a visit again. In addition to their flagship workstation synths, they are coming out with some interesting and unique products that will appeal to the amateur DIY market as well as folks who just want something … different.


Toy pianos and small, modular components were some of the many things that Korg had at their booth that stopped me and made me take a second look.

The person wth the most strings…

This seems to be a re-emerging trend. A decade ago, adding strings to bass and guitar seemed to be all the rage. Seven string guitars and five string basses were popping up all over. They took a bit of hiatus, but seem to be re-surfacing.


Well, except for this guy who was playing a 2-string bass:

Custom Finish on Anything

Yesterday, I posted Marshall amp’s new Tattoo offering – finishing an entire amp and grill with unique artwork. Seems as though you can get guitar cases painted with anything you want – even if to just remind you what’s inside them at TKL cases.

Or you could get your favourite fish on your favourite fish-shaped ukulele with Fishuku.

Real Craftmanship

I’ll leave this post with this thought and photo.

There’s some really beautiful instruments here at NAMM. It’s easy to get sucked into the lights, the sounds and technology around here. Once the novelty wears off, you find yourself venturing into the less-traveled, quieter parts of the show. I came across McPherson Guitars and just had to stop and take a look. This particular guitar was five-figures, but the inlay work was superb – I’d be afraid to play this and just want to display on the wall as a piece of art.

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