fender10for15.JPG2015 is a very exciting year in the guitar geek and gear-head musical community: Fender announced at NAMM 2015 that it will be releasing extremely limited editions of unique-looking and unique-sounding electric guitars. The word “custom” does not even begin to do this endeavour justice. 


The program is simple, and Fender calls it “10 for 15” (fifteen as in the year 2015). 


Each month during 10 months of the year 2015, the infamous American guitar company will build a pre-determined amount of the current month’s one-of-a-kind electric guitar model. And the best news? Best Buy will carry some of those beauties! Let’s take a closer look.




10 for 15 at Best Buy



Okay … So I said one-of-a-kind, but in fact, it’s 500 of a kind. Each month of the program, Fender builds and distributes only 500 identical (and numbered!) copies of the same featured electric guitar. You have read that right, and it means that in the year 2015, 5000 extremely rare guitars will see the light of day. Those 5000 axes are going to be sold worldwide, including through Best Buy in Canada, so this is your chance to get your hands on an über-rare Fender instrument.



Since we are here in Canada, we still have to find out which model when each model will come to Best Buy. You can find out exactly what model is currently available by checking back on the Fender brand store on the BestBuy.ca website. I will also gladly tweet about the “10 for 15” models (follow me @MarcASequin) as they become available at Best Buy.


You don’t want to miss the news, because these beauties will quickly sell out from the moment they become available!





Limited Availability—Unlimited Possibilities


To discuss more about the origins of the program, we all know that instruments built by Fender have solid history to testify on their quality. Standards are set high and several vintage Fender guitar became collectible over the year. The ten guitars in the “10 for 15” run are then the product of the most creative people at Fender getting together to design highly distinctive and compelling guitars, making sure that they become sought-after collector’s items.

 fender guitars.JPG


The Guitar Models


Of course, Fender relies on its history and reputation to design and build those ten beautifully unique instruments. So, it does not come as a surprise that several nicely customized Stratocaster models are to be expected in the program. For instance, the hardtail (no tremolo), the blackout (all black), the oiled ash (natural finish), the 2-piece mahogany body and the longboard (surfboard inspired) Strats are the “10 for 15” guitars we are looking forward to noodle with.




Furthermore, Fender announced at NAMM 2015 that four Telecasters will also be part of the lineup. Not so surprisingly either! The Tele really is the electric guitar model that started it all for the American guitar giant. I’m really excited about the American Standard HH (two humbucking pickups), the double-cut (with two “horns”) and the reclaimed redwood 50’s Telecaster models this year. Personally, I was already salivating over the double-cutaway Telecaster when I heard the announcement at the Fender booth at NAMM in January. It looks and sounds so alien. Yet, I really want to give it a try!







Find out which Fender “10 for 15” is currently available at Best Buy as they get announced by following this link.


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