Roland FP-10 KeyboardHoliday music is in the air, and many people will be creating their own using a Roland instrument. Roland keyboards and synths are used by professsional, amateur, and beginner musicians around the globe. You probably didn’t even know you could buy them at Best Buy. You can! And someone will win a brand new Roland FP-10 88 Key Weighted Action Digital Piano in this contest—just in time to play Jingle Bells with all in your social bubble, or on a video chat with the whole family singing along, Brady Bunch style!

Christmas music creates lifelong memories

My best holiday memories involve music. When I was a young lad, my mom would be on the piano all the time. She is a very talented keyboardist and piano teacher, so homemade holiday tunes were a non-stop part of my upbringing. As I grew up, my brothers and I played music together almost every day. Most of my holiday memories, therefore, involve playing holiday songs with my family at home, in church, and many other places.

Many people are creating those musical memories using Roland instruments. Even though I play guitar, I still use Roland tech in the form of Boss effects pedals (Boss is a division of Roland). This contest gives you an opportunity to bring Roland into your home just in time for Christmas!

Roland FP-10 Keyboards are more than just a digital piano

Digital pianos have come a long way, and Roland has been at the forefront of their evolution. The FP-10 is a great example of what you can expect from a premium Roland digital instrument. Piano purists might insist on having an acoustic instrument in their home—and that’s fine. However, many people prefer the consistency, versatility, and portability of a digital instrument: especially one like the FP-10 that very closely approximates the feel and tone of an acoustic.

We sent one of these digital pianos to Nikolai for an honest review. Watch his video and read his review to understand why he really liked this instrument.

Are you ready to gather around this piano with your family social bubble (and/or gather virtually on MS Teams or Zoom) for a holiday singalong? Carefully read the rest of this article for your chance to win.

How to enter

Entering this contest is easy, and you can enter once below this article and once below Nikolai’s review of this piano. In a comment, tell us who in your home will get the most use of this piano (first name only) and what holiday song you hope they will play first.

What you can win

At the end of this contest, we will randomly select one winner to receive a new Roland FP-10 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano.

This contest runs from Nov 24th until Dec 7th.

Remember, you can only enter once below this article and once below the review article for this piano. However, tell everyone in your family bubble to enter; this will increase your chances of someone you know winning this Roland Keyboard.

Win a Roland FP-10 Digital Piano Rules and Regulations

Good luck.


  1. My Grandmother Ann would get the most use out of this keyboard. She’s been playing piano since she was 3 and this would help her teach her grandkids, including myself, how to play the piano. I hope the first Christmas song she plays on it is silent night. I love silent night, and it really get me in the mood for Christmas.

  2. I just started learning piano on my grandparents old digital keyboard but the keys are starting to stick to the bottom so it makes it harder to learn. I would first learn Oh Christmas Tree

  3. My daughter Aya would love this as she’s recently gotten into music. The holiday song that I’d hope they play first would be frosty the snowman.

  4. My son Michael is just learning how to play piano and he is absolutely addicted! He’s practicing Jingle Bells and 12 days of Christmas on his little cheap keyboard. He would be honoured to play Jingle Bells on this Roland FP-10!

  5. The four children would probably fight trying to get a turn, I would say the eldest Lauren would use it the most. I think a good Christmas song to learn first is “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.” and so appropriate for this year.

  6. My wife Jennifer would love to start playing the piano again and would get the most use out of this Roland Digital Piano.

    To get in the holiday mood, she will play Jingle Bells.

  7. This would make a great Christmas gift for Kaiyah my sister who plays the piano. I hope she plays Jingle Bells on it.

  8. My wife would adore a new piano. Being a music teacher it would be quite the xmas. She would probably play “Where are you christmas” from the Grinch. Happy Holidays


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