10482177What’s cool in tech may change with advancements in the industry, but what’s cool in fashion is dependent on the season, cultural mindset, and current trends. Best Buy’s curated selection of accessories, however, makes it easy to keep up with the latest in fashion.

Get where you’re going on time

All the personal style smarts in the world won’t make up for missed meetings, so merge your tech and style together by investing in a fashionable timepiece. A great watch can really pull together an outfit, and even in this digital age, it can be great for getting you where you’re going on time!

10480801This season brings some great new watches from Bulova and Seiko, and the Seiko ones are really cool. They’re launching “clean energy watches” for fall 2016, which means that there are no batteries required. The brand’s Solar Chronographs are powered by light (all types of light; not just sunlight), and their Kinetic Watches are powered by human movement.

Because of the nature of the new Seiko technologies, I would recommend them primarily for someone who’s going to wear the same watch every day. They would make a great gift for a father or husband whose clunky old watch needs replacing, for instance, and will look just as stylish on the golf course as they will at a picnic.

From Bulova, look for really sleek watches for the fall/winter 2016 season. Women’s watches are taking on a thinner, more bracelet-like aesthetic, and even their men’s watches feature a notably skinnier silhouette than you may be expecting. These watches are set apart in their attention to detail, not their sheer volume or size.

Carry your tech in style 10480805

Carrying your tech in style has never been easier, and these three brands at Best Buy prove it. Fossil, Vince Camuto, and Cole Haan are all coming out with some seriously chic accessories this season, and there are few bags better suited to carrying around your tablets or smartphones during the winter.

I particularly love the upcoming Cole Haan Eva Mini Satchel Bag, which has an almost Chloé-esque stye to it. It feels sort of “Chloé muse meets J Crew boating trip,” and it results in a very smart looking accessory. I can totally see a Cole Haan Mini Satchel Bag, a plum Fitbit Alta, and a cute navy skirt pairing together like a dream this fall.

10482168Keep an eye out also for Fossil’s casual handbags this season as well: the simple Estate Backpack in Grey and new colours (iron and crimson, a.k.a. grey and salmon) of the Emma Zip Clutch and Mini Wallet.

Finally, from Vince Camuto, there are a few effortlessly relaxed Tina tote bags that fit perfectly with 2016’s relaxed handbag trends. There’s also the new Vince Camuto Saddle Bag that my friend and total lady-crush Amy McKissock posted about recently, and all I can say about it is, “wow.” If the rest of the fall 2016 Vince Camuto collection looks anything like this bag, they are absolutely the brand to watch for stylish, top-of-the-line pieces this season.

Fall is just around the corner, so articles on all the newest releases will be coming up soon on the blog. Until then, shop the newest releases in fashionable watches and handbags online at Best Buy!

Rae Chen
Rae Chen covers everything from handbags to speakers here on the Best Buy Plug-in Blog. They can also be found at thenotice.net, where they've been writing about beauty & wellness since 2007.