Moving out of the crib is one of the biggest transitions in both yours and your little one’s life. When he or she is too big or too active to sleep safely in a crib, they’re ready to move out and into a toddler bed. A toddler bed is a snug, cozy transition to a larger twin bed, and as they use a crib mattress, they’re still small enough for a little one to feel safe in.

Here are a few options and features you should consider when choosing a toddler bed.

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    1. What to consider when choosing a toddler bed
    2. Features to look for in a toddler bed
    3. How to assemble your toddler bed

What to consider when choosing a toddler bed

If you already have a crib that doubles as toddler bed, you may wish to purchase additional safety rails, new bedding, and continue using your crib as your kids bed. If you’d like to start fresh with a new bed, you should keep a few things in mind when choosing for your growing child.

toddler bed buying guideWhat is your child’s size?

A toddler bed is perfect for a child who’s between one and three years old, but not every child is the same size at that age. When choosing a toddler bed, you should take into consideration your child’s height and weight. The average toddler bed is 52 inches long and has a weight restriction of about 50 pounds.

What colour of bed do you prefer?

The beauty of kids beds is that you can choose different styles or colours to suit your child. A firetruck or dinosaur bed would be perfect for a child who loves fighting imaginary fires or sleeping with the dinos, while a pink Minnie Mouse bed would be a great choice for a Disney fan.

What bed materials would you like?

toddler bed buying guideWhen choosing a toddler bed you’ll find options in natural wood, composite wood, or plastic. Plastic is a great choice for wiping down and keeping the bed clean, while natural and composite wood is long lasting and adds an element of style to the room.

What type of bedding are you interested in?

Because a toddler bed uses a crib mattress, you can still use your existing crib bedding and blankets. You can also choose kids or toddler sized bedding for an entirely new look.

Features to look for in a toddler bed

Safety comes first when choosing where your child sleeps, and there are a few features on toddler beds that will help both parents and child sleep well at night.

Toddler bed safety

safety railingWhen you put your baby to bed at night you want to know that they’re tucked in, safe and sound. Toddler beds are designed to ensure the safety of even the most restless sleeper, and given their design, you’ll know your baby won’t fall out of bed or hurt themselves at night.

Height of the bed

When choosing a toddler bed you should look for a bed that’s low to the ground. That way, if your little one does manage to fall out or climb out, you know they won’t be injured doing so.

Safety railings

Safety railings are attached securely to the bed to keep your child from falling out. Most toddler beds have safety railings that cover half of the distance of the bed, so your child can sleep securely but still get out of the bed when he or she needs to.

If you’d like to add additional safety railings to your toddler bed, or you’re using an existing convertible crib and want to add a railing, there are a variety you can choose from to suit any room.


toddler bedIndoor air pollution is a concern for many parents, and one of the ways you can limit chemicals in your child’s bedroom is to choose a toddler bed that’s achieved GREENGUARD Certification. Furniture with GREENGUARD Certification has been scientifically proven to meet rigorous, third-party chemical emission standards.

Extra support for your toddler bed

Some models of toddler bed include an extra center leg for stability. Most beds also have wooden slats to hold the mattress, ensuring it stays in place without the need for a box spring.

Assembling your toddler bed

Kids beds come in a box and require assembly before you can use them. For ease of use, many models also include the tools you’ll need to set them up. That generally means you’ll receive tools like allen keys, nuts, and bolts to assemble your new bed.

It should take less than an hour for you to assemble your bed. Once you do, you’ll just need to add the crib mattress, bedding, and your child will be ready to sleep in their new bed.

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