vega one vanilla chai protein pancakes maple syrup breakfastA few days ago I shared a pumpkin smoothie recipe using Vega One’s All-In-One Protein Powder in Vanilla Chai. And today I’m back with a recipe for protein pancakes, that once again, calls for the Vanilla Chai powder. I found this recipe while searching for healthy breakfast options on Pinterest. I immediately knew I had to try them when I noticed the recipe called for an egg. You see, most protein pancake recipes use a banana or flax seed to thicken, and therefore can quickly become dense, however, I figured the addition of egg would make for a fluffy stack.

Protein pancakes are the latest trend in the health and fitness realm and for good reason. They are delicious, full of nutrients, and packed with protein, providing you ample energy to take on your day. As a vegetarian, enriching my diet with additional protein is essential for my overall health. Especially in the morning.

vega one-vanilla-chaie-protein-pancakes

Why You Should Eat A High-Protein Breakfast

Eating a breakfast that’s high in protein is recommended for a number of reasons. First, and foremost, eating protein provides the brain with the amino acids it requires to function at an optimal level. These amino acids also play a pivotal role in the production of certain neurotransmitters in the brain, which directly relate to energy levels, making you feel more awake. Furthermore, protein promotes satiety, meaning you experience fewer cravings throughout the day, which can potentially lead to weight loss. There are a variety of ways to up your protein intake in the morning, but my personal favourites include eggs, nuts/seeds, soy, and, of course, protein powder.

Vega One All-In-One Protein Powder in Vanilla Chai

This recipe uses Vega One All-In-One Protein Powder in Vanilla Chai, which is a great option for those looking for a plant-based protein supplement. Vega One has quickly become my protein powder of choice because it is made from real plant-based food ingredients. Each scoop of Vega One contains 20g of plant-based protein, alongside a blend of veggies and greens that go far beyond protein supplementation. This veggie blend also provides 6 servings of greens, 50% of the daily recommended intake of vitamins & minerals, 6g of fibre, 1.5g of omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics, and antioxidants in every scoop. On top of that, Vega One Nutritional Shakes are formulated without artificial flavours, colours, or sweeteners. And are gluten-free, nut-free, and vegan. They’re the ideal protein powder for those with a restricted diet and can be added to just about any meal! Just look at how easy these Vega One Vanilla Chai Protein Pancakes were to make!

Easy Vanilla Chai Protein Pancake Recipe

vega one vanilla chai protein pancake ingredients

Vega One Vanilla Chai Protein Pancakevega one vanilla chai protein pancake ingredient mix

  • 2/3 cup all-purpose flour
  • 2/3 cup Vega One All-In-One Protein Powder in Vanilla Chai
  • 2 tbsp sugar (or sugar alternative)
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 2 tsp baking powder
  • 1 cup almond milk
  • 1 large egg
  • 1 tsp coconut oil (or oil of your choice)


vega one vanilla chai protein pancake batterVega One Vanilla Chai Protein Pancake

Start by pre-heating a frying pan on medium heat for optimal browning. While the pan heats to the desired temperature, combine all dry ingredients in a large bowl. Mix ingredients together thoroughly until they have been evenly combined – sift if necessary. Once mixed, crack one large egg and add to the bowl. I then like to add the almond milk 1/2 cup at a time, mixing between pours until I get that desired pancake texture. If you aren’t a fan of almond milk, feel free to substitute with the milk of your choice. I personally like to allow my batter to sit for a minute as I coat the pan with coconut oil. I find this little trick adds a bit of air to the pancake mix, which in my opinion delivers the fluffiest results. And who doesn’t want a fluffy stack of pancakes?

Once the pan is adequately coated in coconut oil simply portion out two equally-sized dollops of batter into the pan. Is it just me or do those two dollops typically turn into one big pancake blob no matter what? Regardless of their shape, the end result is delicious and healthy! Leave pancakes to cook for approximately two minutes, or until the batter around the edge of the pancakes begins to bubble. Then simply flip and allow the other side to cook for 1 minute, or until golden brown. Finish with a sprinkling of icing sugar, your favourite fruit, and a bit (or a lot) of authentic Canadian maple syrup. Bon appétit!

vega one vanilla chai protein pancakes for breakfast

These pancakes are light, fluffy and full of flavour. Like I mentioned they’ve quickly become a staple in my house come Sunday morning and help me fuel up for whatever the day might bring. And I can’t deny that I totally look to this recipe on nights when I’m in the mood for something sweet and satisfying.

Who else loves pancakes for dinner? Aren’t they the best?!

More Vega One Protein Pancake Recipes To Try

The recipes for protein pancakes are endless! And although not all are specific to Vega One Protein Powders, switching the recipe is simple to do, and rarely affects the taste. But if you’re looking for a recipe that’s sure to impress, I’d recommend taking a look at the Vega One website. There are hundreds of recipes to choose from, all specific to Vega products. And they have savoury options as well – my next protein powder endeavour!

Fellow Best Buy blogger, Shelly, shared her experience making the Vega One Blueberry Buttermilk Protein Waffles/Pancakes, and the results looked delicious – see them here! I’ll definitely be making a batch this weekend. But lately, I’ve had a serious hankering for chocolate. And while I’m positive chocolate chips would be a delicious addition to either of the aforementioned recipes, I’m after a serious chocolate fix…

Image Source: The Lemon Bowl Blog

Enter the chocolate pancakes of my dreams: Gluten-Free Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Pancakes. Although this recipe isn’t tailored to Vega products, their All-In-One Protein Powder in Chocolate would be an easy substitute. Combing my three favourites, chocolate, peanut butter, and banana, these pancakes appear to be the perfect guilt-free way to fuel your day. And the topping of fresh raspberries is giving me serious PB&J vibes. I can’t wait to try them out for myself!

Have you tried protein pancakes before? Let me know your favourite recipe in the comment section below. And be sure to check out the other Vega One products available at

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