Redroad P17 pet vacuum review

I love my pets, but I’ll be the first to admit how hard it is to clean up after them. That’s why I was excited to test out the Redroad P17 pet vacuum and grooming kit. I have a few indoor cats who tend to shed, but the hair from my cats pales in comparison to my corgi Mochi. Corgis are known shedders, and Mochi tends to dump piles of hair all over the place. I try to comb her at least once a day, but either my couch gets covered in hair or I do. The P17 is a small pet vacuum cleaner designed for pet hair, but it’s also a grooming kit with clippers and has a few tools you can use to clean hair off furniture or yourself.

Here’s a look at what I thought of the Redroad P17 pet vacuum and grooming kit.

Features of the Redroad P17 pet vacuum

redroad p17 review pet vaccum cleaner

The Redroad P17 is a small device that resembles a humidifier. On one side is the motor and on the other is a canister that holds all of the pet hair you remove. It has three power levels with coloured lights to indicate which level you’re using, and it includes a grooming brush, de-shedding brush, chargeable electric hair clipper with four clipping combs, nozzle brush and crevice tool to clean your couch, and a roller brush to clean hair off your clothes.

  • Quiet pet vacuum runs at 60 dB to keep pets calm
  • 1.3L dust cup collects pet hair so you can dispose of it easily
  • 3 suction levels collect 99% of pet hair
  • Grooming tool will clip your dog or cat’s coat and deposit hair in dust cup
  • 4 stage filtration system with metal mesh, cleaning cloth, sponge, and HEPA filter
  • Cleaning tools used to clean pet hair off your couch, carpet, or your clothes

Testing Redroad P17 pet hair vacuum

Redroad pet vacuum

The Redroad P17 is a simple appliance and it’s very easy to use. The box includes all of the attachments as well as a USB cable to charge the electric hair clipper. The clipper does attach to the vacuum for suction, but it needs to be charged prior to use as there is no power source on the vacuum hose. Redroad includes a storage bag you can put all of the attachments in, and the hose wraps around the pet vacuum when you want to store it.

3 power levels and quiet motor

My pets all respond to vacuum cleaners in a different way. I have a Dyson stick vacuum and my cats either don’t mind it or they are terrified of it. My dogs aren’t scared of the noise, but they will leave the room if I clean anywhere near them. I knew using a pet vacuum with my pets would be a bit of a challenge and I was right. While the motor on the Redroad P17 is quieter than most vacuums I’ve used, it’s still a vacuum and it does sound like a vacuum.

There are three levels on the P17—low, medium, and high. The sound of the motor becomes slightly louder when you increase the power level. The power levels have different colour lights—blue, purple, and red—and I think that’s a good feature because there can be a lot going on when you’re grooming your pet. When you want to know if you are on max power, you just need to look at the top of the device and check for the red light.

I found low power was enough to brush out Mochi, and it did remove quite a bit of hair when I used the deshedding brush. I turned the suction up to high when I was grooming areas that were thick and it really did the trick. The suction is strong enough to remove the undercoat if you need to.

Multipurpose functionality—groom, clip, and clean

The P17 is a versatile little device. Not only can it remove pet hair, it can also clip your pets and clean up both you and your work area. I’m impressed with the number of different attachments, and it’s nice they give you a little storage bag so you can tuck everything away for future use.

There are two specific tools used for grooming your pets—the grooming brush and the deshedding brush. Each brush has a button you can push to use the stainless steel comb. You can also use it without the comb, and it will just glide over your pet’s coat and work as a smoothing tool.

I liked both the grooming brush and the shedding brush. The stainless steel bristles were long enough to get into Mochi’s undercoat and pull out thicker hair. I had to go over certain areas a few times but I think it pulled out more than if I was just using a regular brush.

I tried the clipping tool on my dog Rosie. She had a mat on her tail that I wanted to clip out. I had charged the clipper for a few hours and added one of the clip guards to the clipper. You then connect the clipper to the Redroad P17 so the vacuum can collect whatever hair you clip.

The grooming tool is pretty powerful. It can definitely take on the job of clipping your pet’s coat. It might take a while to completely clip a pet, but it definitely gets the job done. I worked at Rosie’s mat for a bit and I managed to remove it, although I used the clipper without turning on the vacuum until I was almost finished. She was very afraid of the sound, so much so that I had to use her leash to keep her in place.

Storage bin and HEPA filter

Redroad p17 review pet vaccum cleaner

The dust bin in the Redroa P17 pet grooming kit is 1.3L, and I think it’s more than big enough to store hair from a grooming session. It has a four-stage filtration system too. Hair is pulled through the hose, it pushes through metal mesh, a cleaning cloth, and a sponge, and a small flap lifts up inside the dust bin and pushes the hair out. I love how it stores the hair you comb or clip. I always end up having clumps of hair all over the place, and that makes clean-up a lot more difficult.

It’s easy to clean out the dust bin too. You push the button that says open on the top of the device and you can empty the dust bin. You can also replace the HEPA filter or clean out the sponge so it can trap more debris as you suck up pet hair.

Should you choose the Redroad P17 pet vacuum and grooming kit?

The Redroad P17 pet grooming vacuum works great, it’s quiet, and I love all of the attachments that come with it. I didn’t spend a lot of time cleaning after I combed because the vacuum was so efficient, but it’s nice to know there are tools you can use to do so if you need to.

It sounds like a vacuum cleaner, but that’s to be expected from a suction device. I helped my pets get used to it by turning it on and letting it run while they were nearby. It was only after they were used to the sound that I tried to brush my corgi, and she did relax around it eventually. It’s a much nicer way of brushing her than just a regular brush, and it captures a lot of fur.

You can find the Redroad P17 pet vacuum at Best Buy right now.

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