Today I’m looking at gifts for him that are related to travel and personal care and grooming. If there’s a man in your life (husband, father, brother, uncle, or otherwise) and you’re looking for great gift ideas for him this year, look no further than to the fine shopping list below. Whether your recipient likes to travel or would prefer to stay at home, there’s sure to be something here that suits his lifestyle. Read on for all the suggestions.

Note: I’m dividing the gifts into 2 lists: those that are great for grooming and personal care, and those that are perfect for travel. However, many of the items I’m covering are great for either venture—and not always just for men either. Let’s begin with a few personal care items.


Gifts for Him Related to Personal Care & Grooming

The first thing I’d like to suggest is something I own myself and have reviewed right here on the blog. It’s the Philips OneBlade Wet & Dry Electric Shaver, and it’s one of the best inexpensive electric shavers you can get. Not only can you use it for either a wet or dry shave, but it’s also extremely comfortable and won’t hack up your face with its precision, dual-sided blade that moves 200 times per second. You can shave, trim, or edge your beard with perfect precision, or you can snap on one of the included stubble comb attachments (in 1mm, 3mm, and 5mm trim lengths) for a quick shortening of your beard while maintaining an even length. The OneBlade truly makes a great gift for any man!

Next up is the Conair Body Benefits King-Size Massaging Heating Pad, which is an ideal gift for any man that occasionally (or frequently) suffers from muscle pain and/or stiffness. This 11.5 x 24 inch heating pad has powerful motors (with both high and low settings) that provide full-on pain relief to muscles he didn’t even know he had. Its self-adhesive belt will ensure that it always stays firmly in place until the job is done and the pain is gone, just as its on/off heat function provides the option for some wonderfully healing warmth to accompany his massage. With comfort like this at hand, there’s really no need for the excuse of muscle pain and stiffness to own one of these heating pads. Every man (or woman!) should just have one anyway!

Finally (in the realm of personal grooming), there’s the Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean Sonic Toothbrush. This toothbrush operates at an incredible 31,000 oscillations per minute—for a far deeper clean than he could ever get from an ordinary, manual toothbrush. The Philips Sonicare is truly the turbo-charged way to take care of one’s teeth and gums. When you give this as a gift, you’ll make his teeth sparkle with a healthy smile. That’s because the Sonicare’s high speed oscillations create tiny microbubbles that reach deep between the teeth to remove as much as 7 times the plaque of a traditional toothbrush. There’s really no better way to clean one’s teeth! It even has a special pressure sensor to let him know if and when he’s pressing too hard or brushing his teeth too vigorously!


Gift Ideas for Frequent Travelers

In the travel realm, the first item I’d like to suggest is the Fossil Defender Leather Messenger Bag. This beautiful leather bag is perfect for work, school, or short weekend trips out of town. It can easily hold a laptop computer as well as various other travel necessities and personal items in its many specialized pockets (including 1 zippered pocket, 2 slip pockets, and 2 pen holders). Featuring a classic design with adjustable shoulder strap that can fully extend to 26 inches for the carrier’s comfort and convenience, this bag is stylish, durable, and sure to keep one very well organized.

Of course, this particular bag is a bit of a higher end option, which might not be to everyone’s liking. Just in case, I’ll link to many more Messenger Bags and Briefcases that you can also check out.

The second travel item on my list is the Insignia All-in-One Travel Adapter/Converter, which is particularly useful for the international traveler. This is because outlets in different parts of the world feature different plug-in configurations, and an adapter such as this assures the user that his gadgets with North American style plug-ins will still be able to work no matter where he ventures. For instance, that Philips OneBlade discussed above eventually needs to be plugged in to charge up, but if you’re traveling in China, the prongs on its plug-in won’t fit the wall outlets there. This travel adapter and others like it will resolve that issue.

Third up is a very nice set of Sony Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Truly Wireless Headphones. These phones will not only block outside sound from disturbing their recipient when he’s listening to music (such as on a very loud flight), but they also feature Bluetooth technology, are NFC ready, offer a 40mm Liquid Crystal Polymer Driver, and even have a built-in Google voice assistant for ease of use when perusing one’s playlist. 

Of course, this is only the beginning. These phones can also be used with an Android or iOS device (such as an iPhone or iPod), feature a 30 hour battery life (with the ability to achieve 5 hours of playing power in just 10 minutes of charging time), and they fold up to a nice compact size when it’s time to pack them away. What a truly great gift to receive!

Finally, what trip would be complete without something like the Go Travel Ultimate Memory Foam Neck Pillow to make that long flight, bus ride, or train trip just a bit more comfortable. Designed for use when sleeping upright, this adjustable pillow moulds to the shape of the neck, offers chin support to prevent one’s head from falling forward, has a plush velour covering for super soft comfort, and even provides an integrated rear grip to secure itself to the seat’s headrest (to prevent side-to-side sliding during sleep). With a travel pillow like this on board, it’s sure to be a restful trip!


And there you have it—several great gift ideas that any man will love. In fact, many of these items would be appreciated by pretty much anyone. For more great gift ideas, click on the banner below and check out Best Buy’s Holiday Gift Guide now!

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