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It’s finally time to get out in the yard and start living outdoors again. Beyond the bags of yard waste and tree clippings, this weekend is a great time to bring out the patio furniture and BBQ so you can enjoy life on the deck again.

Having an outdoor seating area is great, but what does it take to create the ultimate patio? How do you create an amazing space where you can relax, enjoy the stars, and hang out with friends?

If you want the ultimate patio, your sagging lawn chairs aren’t going to cut it this year. Outdoor décor has really evolved over the past decade, and if take a look at everything available you’ll be shocked at just how far patio furniture has come.

If you want the ultimate patio, here are 5 pieces of patio furniture and décor that will beautify your outdoor space this summer.

New patio furniture is the first step

ultimate patio furniture

You have a couch and coffee table inside your house and it makes your living room cozy, so why not bring that same feeling outside? Patio furniture has evolved, and you can find sets that resemble your corner sectional to comfortable couches thick with padded cushions. If you have a crowd over every weekend you can choose a large 11 piece dining set so you can host everyone.

Large deck, small patio, or large green space: with a comfortable outdoor living set, you may not even go in when it rains.

The ultimate patio keeps it cozy with heaters

fire pit outdoor living

If it’s a clear night, the only thing that sends me inside is the chill. Sometimes the temperature dips so low that blankets don’t help, so an outdoor heater is a must have. You’ll be able to stay out into the wee hours if you have a fire pit or outdoor fireplace. You can also add a stand up patio heater or choose an overhead patio heater for an even warmer glow.

A Patio Umbrella adds colour and shade

Patio umbrella

Who doesn’t love to lay out on the grass with a big fluffy beach towel and enjoy the sun out on your patio? But what about when you want to read a book or seek some shade? That’s where a patio umbrella comes in.

If you have an extra large umbrella, you’ll be able to hide a few people underneath. Even when it’s not protecting you from the sun, a patio umbrella adds a pop of colour to your patio or deck.

Hanging chairs and hammocks are the ultimate in summer luxury

Want to add a chair everyone will fight over? Choose a hammock or hanging chair. You can buy freestanding hanging chairs that will swing gently back and forth while you read a good book. Hammocks can be tied to trees so they can easily be moved around, and they’re a comfortable spot to take a nap on a warm day.

The one chair to rule them all

ultimate patio hammock

The first time I saw an outdoor daybed I wanted to crawl into it with a blanket and have a nap. They remind me of little pods you can hide yourself away in, and they will be one of the most popular seats on your patio.

If you really want the ultimate patio, you’ll add two daybeds. That way no one has to wait their turn when it’s time to kick back and relax.

For the ultimate patio, don’t forget the patio accessories

Ultimate patio accessories

Now that you’ve got 5 pieces of outdoor décor you need to create the ultimate patio, don’t forget about the little things that make your patio a true extension of your home.

Outdoor smart lights are a great way to add a cozy atmosphere, and you can control them from your phone. An outdoor fountain is a great way to add a trickle of water, and you can even decorate your patio with outdoor clocks and flower pots.

Patio season is the best time of the year. With these 5 pieces of outdoor décor you’ll have the ultimate patio to share with family and friends. Check out everything available for outdoor living  on Best Buy.

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